From the Pastor

March 12 devotion from Oswald Chambers is entitled “Total Surrender.” He uses Mark 10:28 as his scripture, “Then Peter spoke up, “We have left everything to follow you!” The surrender to Christ is not for our personal gain but as Mark 10:29 says in part, “for me and the gospel.” The author would have us to understand that our surrender is for the sake of Christ and the 

Gospel not for our own purposes that might make us good people of more “righteous and holy.” Chambers says, “Genuine total surrender is a person sovereign preference for Jesus Christ Himself.” “True surrender will always go beyond natural devotion.” God desires from each of us our total complete surrender of life before Him. God is looking for that kind of gift to Him so He can do what God desires to do, meet our every need and touch us with His embrace of love. Have you completely surrendered your life to Him? Will you seek only Christ in your life and not what you can get from Him? Desire an intimate relationship with the God of the universe through knowing His Son Jesus with all your heart and God will do miraculous things in and through you. (Matthew 6:33)