From Your Pastor

I have admired Billy Graham all of my life. His messages have brought me to my knees in repentance and re-dedication. We have one last chance to hear him preach the gospel with anointed power and love. The first week in November brings a unique opportunity to celebrate his ministry and watch what God can do through the message of His servant. During that week Christians and lost people will gather in homes all over the United States to watch a message from Dr. Graham.
My Hope with Billy Graham will actually be shown on television Thursday, November 7th which is Bill’s birthday. But the Graham association has made available a DVD of the same message that can be shown in homes anytime that week. “Matthews” will gather people into their homes for fellowship and the message of God from Dr. Graham. The host will follow-up with a short testimony of salvation and then ask for those who are in attendance to trust Jesus Christ by faith for their lives too.
If you are not attending one of those meetings I hope you will seek out someone who is hosting and go to theirs. Some of you may even at this last minute want to host a meeting, we can help with that. But regardless if you are a host or attendee or someone who believes God can change lives, we all can pray and ask God to do a miracle in the lives of thousand’s, maybe even millions, during that week. As a church that loves the Lord, let us bind together to pray during that week each night to ask God to touch lives with the Gospel. By the way, the title of the message Dr. Graham will deliver is “The Cross.”