Special Need

Dear friends who love the Lord:

Our church has an opportunity to make an impact in the life of one of our

senior adult women. She is a precious child of God and is in need of our

help. Our friend has been fighting cancer for a good while and is a picture

of true faith in God. She has a very limited income as well. She asks for

nothing, but I ask in her behalf.

She has had her heating and cooling unit go out and is in need of a

replacement. A very reputable gentleman who has helped her to keep the

unit going in the past, is going the second mile to help her replace it. He

has offered our friend a new unit at his cost, which is $1500 less than the

retail cost. The total for the new unit will be $3500. The gas company will

take monthly payments, totaling about $90 a month. If we can help her

up front with the initial cost of the unit, the monthly payment will be more

manageable for her.

I am asking members of God’s family to pray about the possibility of giving

now any amount that can help with that initial cost so we can lower our

precious friend’s monthly payment. Lynda and I are going to give, and I

challenge others to give to this immediate need, as well, which James says

in his letter is “taking care of (those) who are in need.”

If you feel that God is leading you to give, please call me (864-933-6200)

with your pledge so we can tell the gentleman and the gas company that

we will bring down the cost of this unit for her. If you do participate please

write a check to: North Anderson Baptist Church but write on a post-it note

to clarify the purpose but not on the check and when I receive it will be

applied to the special need. If you send a check in, send it to: NABC, 2308

N. Main St., Anderson, SC 29621

Very sincerely,

Bill Rigsby, pastor

North Anderson Baptist Church