From Your Pastor, August 2013

29th July 2013 by Administrator

August brings regularity back to our schedule here at church. We have three wonderful things to share with you.

First, on August 4 at 5pm, an old friend and Gideon, Mark Hewitt, will be in concert for us. Mark is an accomplished singer and has even sung for us in the past. He and Trudy have come our way after the Gideons Convention to visit and while here he shared his God given talent for us and to the glory of the Lord. We will also have a special “ice cream social” right after the service to honor and show appreciation to Nancy Danyels for being our Minister of Music. Nancy has shared with us that the last Sunday in July will be her last as our Minister of Music. We all know what Nancy has gone through these last few years and so we want her to know how special she is, thus an ice cream social. What says thank you to Nancy better than having ice cream! So, plan to be at the concert and the ice cream social right after on August 4 starting at 5 pm.

Second, we will be in training for the “My Hope with Billy Graham” during the month of August starting with August 11 at 6 pm each night. We will as a church, prepare our hearts and our families to do whatever it takes to reach people for Christ by being a part of this special event. Using the training information from the Billy Graham ministry we will find out what we can do to be a part of this great evangelistic ministry opportunity as individuals and as families. I ask you to come expecting to be a part of what might be the greatest evangelistic push of the Billy Graham era.

Third, New Hopewell Baptist Church and NABC will come together for one night, Wednesday, September 11, to celebrate America and pray for her as we remember that tragic day many years ago. Pastor Don and I will lead an exciting service at New Hopewell Baptist where we will pray and hear a message of hope from Pastor Don. We are calling this special service, “Making a Difference.” Since September 11th is a Wednesday night we will still have our regular children’s program of missions and nursery. We are asking our parents to plan on going to the special service and to be able to do that you will need to drop your children off at 6pm at NABC where Dennis will be in charge of taking care of them until the missions programs begin. He will also be there until you return no later than 8pm to get the children after the service at New Hopewell ends. The special service at New Hopewell will begin at 6:30pm and end at 7:30pm therefore making it possible to pick up your children, if you have them at the church, no later than 8pm. (Notice the emphasis on picking up your children by 8pm.) We are asking all the members of NABC to plan to be at New Hopewell on Wednesday, September 11 at 6:30pm even if you aren’t a regular prayer meeting person. This is a special time in the life of our nation and it can be in our personal and our church life too.

May God bless the efforts of His people to worship and service Him, all the while seeking the lost to come to the Father.

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