Letter of Appreciation

This month marks the beginning of the 23rd year of a very precious relationship for which Lynda and I are extremely grateful! Thank you, North Anderson Baptist Church, for all the support, care, and love you have given to us over the past 22 years. The years have passed so quickly and the people who are now – and have been in the past – part of the North Anderson family are truly amazing! We have people from our congregation who are missionaries in Africa and Russia and we have one young lady working in an orphanage in Honduras. We have church planters who are in Myrtle Beach and others who are now ministers in Georgia and in Greenwood, SC. There have been many young people who were part of our college ministry who are now serving as ministers throughout South Carolina and in other parts of the country. We are humbled that many of the ministers at New Spring Community Church were a part of our fellowship for a time. God has given North Anderson great laymen and laywomen who have not only served here, but in many other churches in Anderson and other parts of the state.
The more I think about what God has done through His people over these years, the more my head swims! We have seen men, women, boys, and girls come to Christ and serve Him and grow in Him in faith and service. God has brought us many mature disciples who were ready to serve Him and make a difference in the Kingdom of God through NABC. We have many who participate in mission opportunities regularly and some who sponsor and lead mission trips. The church has birthed several other churches that are serving Him and reaching others for Christ. God has trained leaders here to go out to minister to others and grow God’s kingdom with His power ever present in their lives.
Yesterday was a special day at North Anderson. We always love the opportunity to celebrate our wonderful nation, the United States of America! We are always more honored, however, to celebrate Jesus – to share the Word of God once again with people whom Lynda and I love with all our hearts. Yesterday, we rejoiced with a dear friend who is 64 years old, as he made a public confession of his faith in Jesus Christ. We had been talking about Jesus for weeks, and God just drew him to Himself on Wednesday evening right before prayer meeting. We praise the Lord for his obedience to God’s call. Hardly anything can be sweeter!
Lynda and I were grateful to have the opportunity to express our genuine love and appreciation to each of you at the end of our worship service yesterday. We want to reiterate those expressions, especially to those of you who may not have been with us. We are humbled by the unconditional love and support you continue to extend to us as your pastor and his wife. We do not take that for granted! Never doubt our love for you. We have seen and heard and experienced your love and support for us and pray that God will allow us to continue this precious relationship for a long time to come! We are blessed to serve you in the name of our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ.
Bill and Lynda