Marion Popkin

Over the years folks have come to church that have impacted other’s lives. Robert and Marion Popkin were two such people. Robert and Marion were from upper New York state and so they often had different opinions and thoughts about things that those who were from the south had. One of the first experiences that introduced me to them was when it snowed one Sunday. Of course for us a dusting of snow was what we call snow. It probably snowed two inches one Sunday, enough to drive and yet enough to cause problems with southerners. Robert and Marion went to church that morning and there was no one there. They were astounded and shocked that church would be called off because of a “little” snow; remember they were from upper New York state. What wonderful people and saints of God. We heard about Robert from his boys at his memorial service and I am sure we will hear more about Marion when we have her memorial service.
I am writing this today to share with you my heart about Marion. What a special lady she was. Marion was a prayer warrior and one who loved her Lord and her church. It goes without saying that Robert was the most important person in her life. Since Robert died she was ready to go herself and be with Jesus too.
While reading a devotion today, Tuesday morning after she went to be with the Lord on Monday morning very early, I was impressed by what Charles Spurgeon had to say about suffering and death in his “Morning by Morning” devotion book. He talked of how Christians can rejoice in their suffering and distress. How we can sing when trouble abounds. All because we know the precious Lord Jesus and that we have a special home in heaven when we die. He emphasized that “God is with us through it all and therefore we are given a blessing by the presence of our Lord in our life through the suffering. I want to quote something Spurgeon said that touched my heart, “Trouble may not necessarily be accompanied by consolation when initially coming upon believers, but the presence of the Son of God in ‘the blazing furnace’ (Dan. 3:23) nevertheless fills our hearts with joy.” Spurgeon reminds us that in sickness, trials and suffering, knowing Jesus makes things so much easier for us to go through. He said, “Jesus puts His arms around us and whispers, ‘Fear not, beloved, for to die is to be blessed. The waters of death find their source in heaven. They are not bitter but are as sweet as honey, for they flow from the throne of God.’”
I want you to know that Marion Popkin died in the arms of her blessed Savior and Lord Jesus Christ! She was comforted in her suffering not just from Jesus, her Lord but from her sweet family that loved her and surrounded her with care and tenderness. And many of you, especially her Sunday School classmates, who showed Christ-like love and ministry to her and her family.
Marion loved her pastor and his wife. She would write to us and tell us so. Yesterday Lynda found her last note she wrote us and gave it to me. She said so many precious things to us but one thing I want to share with you is that she and her sweet Robert believed in “keeping the faith.” She ended her notes with that phrase to remind others to “keep the faith.” When Marion was well enough to come to our prayer time right before the worship service, she would always end her prayer with “come Lord Jesus.” Well we can now celebrate the fact that Jesus did come and He took unto Himself a wonderful servant of God to be with Him in heaven forever. I will always be thankful for members who have such a loving and supportive spirit.
Marion’s Pastor