Thoughts Regarding Memorial Day

30th May 2013 by Administrator

Memorial Day was a wonderful day for family to be together. Having time to relax and enjoy family and friends brings memories of days gone by. Many times we forget really what the day is for. Our country, America, is the most blessed of all nations. God has touched us with His grace and mercy far more than we deserve. We have been a free and independent nation that has seen other nations fall into difficult times because of poverty, greed, unscrupulous leadership or war. We should be very grateful to God for His guidance and blessings through the years. Our forefathers were guided by God’s Spirit and the principles set down in the Bible to establish a great nation where the individual is more important than government.

May Americas never forget the sacrifice that it has taken to stay a free and independent nation. Today may we be very cautious about those who seek to under-mind the great heritage we have in America. Our nation is built on the Constitution of the United States and the Declaration of Independence and anything that the government tries to establish that is anti-Constitution needs to be stopped. Hopefully we can continue to be a nation of freedom and liberty for all! It is obvious that we need a government, but it needs to be a government of the people, by the people and for the people not for the politicians or those that are in government or for a political party of any kind. Government plays a vital role in our lives. I am thankful that we have had men and women who have protected our beautiful nation by establishing national parks to preserve that which greedy men would destroy. But on the other hand we need common sense when it comes to conservation. So many people today go overboard and stop the progress of the nation. There is a special balance that needs to come when it has to do with government and the rights of the individual.

Memorial Day is truly about remembering those who gave their lives for all the freedoms we enjoy today. May you and I pray that we never have to go to war but if we do may it be to protect American lives and interest in the world, while caring for those who are unable to care for themselves. We can’t be the world’s police but we can help those who are in great need when no one else will help. Thanks to each who has served our country in any way, we are truly grateful for the sacrifice you made.

As I close, let me tell you of the story of a young man who went to Vietnam in the ’60’s. He had just been married one week when he received his papers that he had to go to war. For close to a year he was away from his bride. Having given to his country and then staying in the Air Force for a total of five years he left the service to go into the private sector. I am grateful for men who sacrifice so much for me. While he returned to his bride and began a family, over the years there were so many service men and women who did not come home but are lying in an unmarked grave somewhere, in a cemetery on foreign soil or in an honored place here in their homeland.

God bless each who served our nation and their families and God bless America, a nation of the free and the brave! Thanks to Ian Kent for the service he has given to our country. I appreciate not only your sacrifice but the great time we had at your home Memorial Day weekend. A special thanks to you my brother, Tommy Rigsby for your service to our country. I know you have suffered great from the effects of the time in Vietnam but you are loved and appreciated.

Pastor Bill Rigsby

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