From Your Pastor, April 2013

29th March 2013 by Administrator


What a wonderful word! To know you have a family and that you are a part of a family is very comforting. You have been our family for almost 22 years! Lynda and I love you and appreciate who you are and how you have loved us. For Lynda, it is easy to love her but for me you really have to stretch that ability to love a little further, but thanks for doing that.

April is a special month for a lot of reasons but for one particular event. We are going to New Hopewell Baptist Church April 28 at 5pm. I will have the wonderful privilege to preach the riches of the Gospel of the Lord Jesus Christ and we will be in charge of the music part of the worship service. What a wonderful opportunity to share worship and fellowship with our brothers and sisters whom we have loved for many years and worshiped with many times. Please be praying for this time and the message that God has given me. There will be fellowship time after the worship service and the New Hopewell folks always provide so generously. Please plan to go and share in this special time with friends and with the Lord.

God has blessed North Anderson and will continue to do so IF we are faithful to obey, worship and serve him continually. He doesn’t need us but we need God. North Anderson Baptist Church can do nothing for eternity without the Lord doing it through us. Let us call on the Name of the Lord and follow Him faithfully every day.


Pastor Bill

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