From Your Pastor, March 2013

Dear Family,
I recently sent out a survey for young adults and I am preparing to send out a similar survey for the rest of the adults of our fellowship. If you haven’t yet responded to the survey I hope you will soon. As soon as I can have the responses compiled I will share the results with the church. Many of the suggestions that people have made and probably will make can help improve our ministry here at NABC. Thank you for participating.
March is soon here, what a great month! I was born this month; at least my mom would have thought it exciting if she were still here. Primarily it is a great month because we will celebrate Easter on the last Sunday, the 31st.
We are going to have evening services each Sunday night at 6 pm from the 3rd to the 24th. We will have an all church fellowship on the 3rd and worship services for the 10th, 17th and the 24th. One exciting thing we will do on Easter is to take Communion together with the church.
To worship with you as a family is a wonderful privilege for me and Lynda. I pray it is for you too. I also hope you are preparing your hearts and minds before you come to the “House of the Lord” to worship Him. We are learning from our Old Testament readings that He requires that we are prepared to meet Him who is holy. Spiritual preparation for your worship will be more meaningful to you and will be acceptable in the sight of the Lord God Almighty.
Blessings to you all.