From Your Pastor, February 2013

2nd February 2013 by Administrator

Dear Church Family,

HERE’S AN ARTICLE I read in another church newsletter. It contains a lot of food for thought and self-examination.


1. Think only about yourself.

2. Talk only about yourself and your problems.

3. Use the personal pronoun “I” all the time.

4. Always demand agreement with your ideas and views.

5. Sulk a lot.

6. Be envious of others.

7. Expect to be appreciated and get upset if you are not.

8. Be jealous.

9. Be highly suspicious of everyone, always looking for motivation and hidden agendas.

10. Remember every critical word people speak and don’t forget to be critical in return.

11. Spread bad news as often as you can.

12. Trust no one but yourself.

13. Complain about everything.

14. Be creative in your complaints, criticism and gossip, i.e., explain them as “prayer requests.”

15. Try to discourage as many people as possible.

16. Try to look as sick as possible so others will feel sorry for you.

17. Start every day by looking for things to complain about and increase as the day progresses.

18. Accentuate the negative! Eliminate the positive!

Loving You,


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