29th January 2013 by Bill Davis
If for good you suffer and endure; it is commendable before God. The best way to respond to wrong is by doing what is right in His eyes.
Those who walk with God, always find Him close at hand.
Perhaps we should regard people less in the light of what they do or fail to do and more in the light of what they are possibly going through.
Sometimes God’s love and discipline seems harsh until we look at it honestly in hindsight.
If we think of ourselves as such moral being, perhaps we should look at the society we are leaving our children and grandchildren!
Too often as we judge others we only become blind to our own faults and the effect they have on others.
If we were able to touch God and prove His very existence; would He not then be an idol?
When there are gaps torn in our everyday life, we should repair them with Christ’s love and comfort.
We are all busy. Some feel they are busier and more important than others. Maybe, just maybe, we need to be interrupted by God.
Christianity preaches the word of God, too often religion preaches the word of the local church.
I feel silence in the face of evil is worse in the eyes of God than the evil itself.
The things that we criticism and even despise in others is inherently present in ourselves.
Action does not spring from mere planning or even opportunity but from the readiness and obedience of a follower.
When there are those who hate you for your conviction to God’s mission, remember they hated His Son first.
When you are praying; God hears much more than your words. He hears the condition of your heart.
Yes we all have problems, but if we will put our problems totally in God’s hands; He will give us back His peace.
When you are experiencing a terrible circumstance in your life, pause and remember the goodness of God.
The dark experiences in the school of life can but show us the light of God’s love.
Do not complain of the thorns on the rose. Be thankful for the beauty of the rose among the thorns.
Never be afraid to do what is right.
The mockery you may receive for doing what is right is nothing compared to the damage you do to your very soul for doing what is wrong or for doing nothing at all.
Bill Davis

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