14th January 2013 by Bill Davis
I was reading a story about a man and his son. Seems they were driving down a country road when they spotted a small deer tangled in a fence. The deer had tried to jump the fence and had gotten one of her hind legs caught in the top string of barbed wire. She was hanging precariously upside down with one of her front legs barely touching the ground. Of course, being in fear and pain, she was fighting her situation and only causing more harm to her already injured and bleeding body. As the man and his son watched from a distance, it was obvious the deer was not going to get loose by herself and was surely having a slow and very painful death.
Realizing there was no way she could get loose or survive without help, they started to navigate very slowly toward her. They talked to her softly and even sang softly to avoid scaring her any further. As they got closer they could see she was panting for the need of water and oxygen. Her soft, round brown eyes seemed to plead for help, but her fear kept her thrashing around trying to free herself. The deer, as we often do, refused to let the one who could save her help.
Finally, he was close enough to wrap his arms around the small deer. At first, she seemed to relax and realize he was there to help, but then suddenly she started to thrash around causing even more damage to her frail body. She just could not accept that she could not do it herself and that there was someone close to help. As he continued to try, eventually he was able to untangle her from the fence. As he gentle laid her on the ground, she started to drag herself away by her front legs. It appeared she had broken her hips in a vain attempt to get free. He was sure much internal damage had been done as well.
The little deer was so frightened; our rescuer decided it best to leave her in the field while he took his son home.  He would then return and make a crucial and perhaps difficult decision of what to do. When he returned, he found her lifeless body, alone in the same spot where they had last seen her.  His prayer was; “Oh little one, if only you hadn’t tried to save yourself. If only you had let Him who was able to do your saving for you.”
I just wonder how many times God says these very same words to us?
Isaiah 41:10 New International Version (NIV); “So do not fear, for I am with you; do not be dismayed, for I am your God. I will strengthen you and help you; I will uphold you with My righteous right hand.”
Bill Davis

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