27th December 2012 by Bill Davis
Our most gracious and forgiving Heavenly Father, I come to you as an unwise and humble servant of Yours. Are you the answer to our Nation’s problems, or is that just too simple of a cure. The problem lies more in our reluctance to allow You to control our lives than it is in Your willingness to help. The solution is seen in the gift of your Son. You could have sent Jesus as a full grown adult to die for the atonement of our sins. However, you chose to send Him as a child to be God incarnate in the form of a baby. Our salvation is found in the pool of His blood at the bottom of the Cross. We must but bathe in it. Jesus came to earth and showed love; unconditional love. He respected government but He lived His life by His Heavenly Father’s rules. And He was murdered. Why can’t we see the wrong in our lives? Why do we see the need to make it so complicated? The answer is but here, in the life of a baby.
They say, it only takes a spark to get a fire going. May we allow Christ to be the spark of Christian love and understanding this coming year and watch it grow throughout the year. We can all be warmed by its glowing and see visibly the power of Your love.
The truth of Jesus’ message was ridiculed. As it stood strong, it was violently opposed. But then to those who responded, it became self-evident. What most want is a Nation as God fearing as the one our Forefathers fought and died for. For those who give up on Christian principals and are unwilling to stand for religious freedom; they will soon have neither principals nor freedom.
Bill Davis

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