22nd December 2012 by Bill Davis
Dear Jesus,
I wanted to remind you of the birthday party we are having for you next week. We are all so excited and have been busy planning and buying presents for each other. I hope you don’t mind, but we thought it best if you do not come to the office party. There will be a lot of drinking and you might make some uncomfortable. Yea, and maybe if you come to any of the parties at our children’s school; don’t let anyone see you. There were those talking about separation of church and state and the right of religious freedom; or was it the right FROM religious freedom. So, we don’t want anyone to think we are messing with their rights.
We did fix up a beautiful tree in front of the courthouse downtown. I hope you saw it. They decided to call it a holiday tree this year. Seems there was a person that didn’t like the word Christmas Tree. They must have really been important or knew someone powerful to get the name changed. I don’t think they knew You though. And speaking of the courthouse. We really appreciate you helping years ago set up our judiciary system and they really plan to throw a big party for the employees and the taxpayers offered to pay for it; but once again..it really would be best if you would keep a low profile. There are some there that could be offended if we used the word “Jesus”. I am sure you understand.
We did let our children sing at the school holiday program. Sorry we dropped the part about worshiping Baby Jesus. That lady was really upset about praying in school and all that stuff; so we decided it would be easier to just stop everyone from praying there. Of course, I know you heard those prayers from everyone when the shooting started last week. That was sad. Everyone wondered where you were during all that and why you let it happen.
Oh, I about forgot to tell you. That family that visited our Christmas church service last year are coming back this year. I know they haven’t been to church since then, but I am sure you remember them.
Must close for now. I need to finish my shopping and got gifts to wrap. Uh, you didn’t need anything for your birthday did you?
Bill Davis

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