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9th November 2012 by Administrator

Dear Fellow Believers,
I thought it helpful to share with you my heart now that the election is over since I have preached through these last 6 plus weeks about America and what I believe regarding the “Critical Social Issues of our Time.” I have told many people that I personally may be disappointed with the outcome but I believe there are some important things we need to think about and do. Without question, I believe that our God, the God of the Bible who is all powerful, all knowing and almighty, was not caught unaware of what was going to happen and when it was all over said, “Wow, I didn’t see this coming.” He is a God who reigns over all and through all no matter what happens. I can’t tell you the mind of God in this political election but I don’t have to as long as He knows what is going on, no matter what I will trust Him. Trust is the key; do you trust God no matter what happens in this life and with this country? We may be allowed to know what He is doing and thinking as the years go by and maybe we won’t. What I have preached I believe! It may have not been popular but I have sought the Lord for the truth and have tried to deliver that truth to you faithfully. Will America honor God or seek to leave Him totally out of the picture, we will see.

Let me share a passage of scripture with you. I believe we all need to read 1 Timothy 2:1-6. Reading this word from Paul will help you know what to do now as a follower of the Lord Jesus Christ. We have the privilege and responsibility to pray for all of our leaders and pray that they will seek God to give them wisdom and guidance that will honor and glorify Him.

Pastor Bill

I read this article by Peter Heck and I thought it might help in making so sense of this election. I hope it give some light to your heart.

As Christian believers, our calling is far greater than that drawn from winning elections or gaining political power – although we are to care about such things.
So I guess it’s possible that my original prediction of Mitt carrying 315 electoral votes in a presidential landslide may not pan out. It’s still early. The lawyers haven’t had their say. But I will at least acknowledge that it’s possible he won’t reach that threshold.
Actually, about 8:30 as I started to see the exit polls (which admittedly have a sketchy record of accuracy), my jaw hit the floor. It was at that point that I started to accept the reality that this wasn’t going to go well. And when Michigan and Pennsylvania were called so quickly, I texted my wife this simple, painful message: “It’s over.” Granted, it wasn’t yet. But it was. And even the most optimistic conservative could tell that a great groundswell of common sense, Christian, rational American citizens was not going to materialize.
So how do I feel? And how do I think Christians should feel today? I state this unequivocally: I am disappointed. Disappointed in my country. But I am not discouraged. If my sense of purpose and my sense of meaning were drawn from winning elections or gaining political power I would be. But it’s not – never has been, never will be. In the heat of an election that means so much, that truth can be lost on many people. It’s not that I don’t care about the outcome of elections – I obviously do. It’s not that I don’t see them as important or critical to the survival of our civilization and way of life – I obviously do.
But as a Christian believer, my calling is something far greater. God has commanded me to be His ambassador in this crooked and depraved generation. He’s called me to stand for truth even when it feels like I’m standing alone. He’s called me to be a light in a dark world, even when it seems the darkness overshadows and envelops me. He’s called me to be righteous and faithful, and let Him handle everything else.
Ask John the Baptist about standing for righteousness in a corrupt political environment. He was forced to preach in the wilderness, eat locust and be considered a radical nut by everyone in the “mainstream.” Did he win any great victories or influence the pop culture the way he undoubtedly wanted it to? Did he bring down the corrupt empire and leaders he spoke out against? No. He got his head chopped off. But John realized he wasn’t called to win. He was called to be faithful. And as a result of his faithfulness, the Son of God said that of all those born of women there was no one greater than John the Baptist.
That’s the kind of praise I seek. That’s the kind of praise I want. If I influence people along the way – if me and like-minded believers influence enough of the culture to bring about social change – great. But our purpose is not to build up treasure on earth, but in heaven. Our calling is not to please or impress men, but God. Our responsibility is not to compromise or sacrifice truth for the sake of political expediency, but to stand for it and boldly proclaim it no matter the cost.
That is why I am disappointed, but not discouraged.
Last night, the guy I wanted to win the presidential election lost. But last night did not change the fact that murdering children is abhorrent and wrong. It did not change the fact that homosexuality is a dangerous lifestyle that is spiritually and physically destructive to individuals and a depraved behavior not to be condoned. It did not change the fact that sexual immorality and decadence is something that should be resisted. It did not change the fact that the Biblical model of family is best for children and society.
Truth remains. And if anything, after last night I am refocused and reenergized in my urgency to proclaim it.
Peter Heck (peter@peterheck.com) is a public high school government teacher and radio talk show host in central Indiana.

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