From Your Pastor, November 2012

22nd October 2012 by Administrator

Thank you church for your gracious support for the October Block Party! You truly shared your love with our community through your work, giving and praying. God bless each who participated in any way with the block party. Let me thank those who worked hard on the plans and met for many weeks and gave countless hours to this major mission endeavor of the church for the glory of the Lord Jesus Christ.

What is Thanksgiving to you? Where do you get your traditions for the holiday? Do you often think of why America celebrates a special day and call it Thanksgiving? I realized anew that Thanksgiving was strictly an American holiday when our son Clint lived in Italy during a fall semester while studying. He was anticipating Thanksgiving and all that comes with it but realized that Italians don’t have a Thanksgiving and was forced to think what he would do for that special day. He was fortunate to run across some American missionaries who invited him to celebrate the American holiday with them. What a joy for him and a relief for us that he could still experience the real reason for the special day.

Thanksgiving is not just about food and football it is giving genuine thanks to God Almighty for the survival of the Pilgrims through difficult times and for freedoms that we have here in America, particularly the freedom of worship. Freedom of worship came at a high price for the Pilgrims who lost so many lives in that first year of settling in New England. We as Americans should thank the God of the Bible for the great sacrifice made in order to live openly for the Lord Jesus Christ. Thanksgiving is a Christian holiday and yet it silently declares that people have the right to worship whatever way they desire. This holiday stands for my “God given right” to worship the God of the Bible as I see fit without governmental interference. Be careful in these “last days” not to be blind to see what can happen in our America if the government continues to marginalize your Christian faith. Pray as believers to have God intervene in our country’s life and turn us back to the God of our forefathers.

Take note that there WILL NOT be a Thanksgiving meal on November 18.

Bill a co-worker with you in the Lord

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