From Your Pastor, September 2012

3rd September 2012 by Administrator

Dear Church Family,

A new school year is here already and many are groaning because school is back in session and others are rejoicing because school is back in session. That doesn’t make sense does it? Unless you are a parent!

God’s Word calls for the church to move forward in harmony and unity. We seek to do just that by utilizing the Team approach for our church ministries. When the Nominating Team put together the “Officers, Teachers and Team list” they were providing the great platform by which we will have a successful year working together in unity.

Each Team which will be led by a chairperson and the team must get together on Tuesday, September 10 starting at 7pm to organize and plan a vision for the team of which they are a part. If there needs to be an alternate date then Thursday, September 12 is set aside to meet. Each Team is to meet and then have a representative, hopefully the chairperson, to meet with the “new” Church Council on Monday, September 24 starting at 7pm to present to them the vision and the organization for each Team. The Church Council will hold all Teams and their leaders accountable for the work they say that they will do in behalf of the church at large. Our desire is that God’s work is done well and that God’s kingdom will grow because of that organization.

Part of the Matthew 28 Great Commission is to teach all things that Jesus commanded and Paul talks about the church helping members mature in their relationship with the Lord Jesus Christ. Because of those mandates in Scripture we are making sure there are wonderful Small Groups available to each member to reach their potential in Christ and become more like the Savior in their as a believer. Our Small Groups will begin on Sunday, September 9 at 6pm. Come be a part of the growing and maturing Christian army of God here at North Anderson Baptist Church.

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