Jesus Brought us Corn and Peanuts

Thank you for your response to the “whooping woman” story posted yesterday. Today is a continuation story of the same distribution. The BGR partners who made the first distribution to the “whooping woman’s” village, made a second one to a community just as needy.
The village they went to was about three times as large as the first. It was as hot as before. Two semi-trucks full of corn and peanuts arrived for distribution. This food was provided through the Southern Baptist World Hunger Fund and the village couldn’t believe that such a gift was being given to them. They even said, “we thought you had forgotten about us.” They over and over kept saying, “you just don’t understand, the food came just in time!”
One scene illustrated best the dire situation of the villagers and their hunger need. As the corn (maize) and peanuts (ground nuts) were distributed, a few kernels and seeds fell into the dust. The team watched in amazement at grown men, women and children carefully picked up each stray seed not wanting to waste even a morsel of food. The team wrote…
“Our last night in the village, we were called to the public square for more dancing and drumming. It was a very special night. We got back to our host’s home at about 11:30 pm, all of us quite tired and ready for bed. Just 10 minutes later, though, the traditional singers and drummers had followed us back to our yard and proceeded to dance and sing more for us. Never mind some were in bed! The song they sang though was the sweetest: ‘Who brought us corn? Who brought us peanuts? Jesus did!'”
And whatever you did for the least of these…
Thank you, Southern Baptists (and others), for giving to the Southern Baptist World Hunger Fund. Thank you for being the hands and feet of Jesus to a people hungry both physically and spiritually.
I encourage you to share this story with others. I encourage you also to prayerfully consider giving to the Southern Baptist World Hunger Fund so that more of us can help Jesus bring food to hungry people.
If you would like to give to or learn more about the Southern Baptist World Hunger Fund, please visit: