Envy and Inspiration

7th March 2012 by Bill Davis
My wife and I had lunch together and while walking back to our car, we passed a very upscale clothing shop. In the window was a sign advertising one of their men’s suits. It basically said that if you purchased and worn one of these suits you would be the envy of all your friends. You would certainly be in style and an inspiration to all who knew you. WOW!! All that for just a few hundred dollars and a change of cloths. Romans 8:1; “Therefore now nothing of condemnation is to them that be in Christ Jesus, which wander not after the flesh.” As we walked we talked about the sign and putting on the “suit” of Christ. Now, if you were to wear your Christian suit around, do you think you would look happy and joyous enough for others to “envy” you? Would your love be “stylish” and an “inspiration” to others? Wouldn’t it be great if our light so shined that others would be envious of our lifestyle? Matthew 5:16; “Let your light shine before others that they may see your good deeds and praise your Father in heaven.” I am afraid Christianity may not be as “stylish” as it was when our great Country was established. Seems now, everywhere you look; there are those trying to strip you of your Christian rights. Are you trying to be a Christian “inspiration” to others or are you wearing your Christian suit only when others are wearing theirs or maybe only at church? Don’t let it be worn on Sundays only. Be willing to wear your Christian suit all the time and strive to be an inspiration to someone and maybe the envy of others. I am sorry to say your Christian suit was very expensive even though it is free to you. We have all heard that something cost an arm and a leg. Well, it cost Jesus Christ His life. He spent every ounce of His blood to buy us our Christian suit.
Are you willing to wear it with pride?
Bill Davis

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