A Country Built On God: Poem

The lies have been committed
Against all human race;
How will we survive;
Only through His saving grace.
They may govern and rule
And justify what they do,
But the ones who suffer,
Are really me and you.
They have taken
God out of courthouses and schools,
They treat us like
We are a bunch of old fools.
We are told not to pray,
Or inflict our will;
They say this with,
Such un-nerving skill.
They say we can’t pray,
Or suggest it to others;
While they forget about
Loving their own brothers.
We are free to worship,
And serve as we dare,
As long as there is no sign;
Of any public prayer.
Our freedom was founded,
Upon God’s word,
Something it appears;
They have never heard.
Our freedom was granted,
But our rights taken away,
For those who died;
Such a price to pay.
How can we stand by,
Be ruled but by a few;
If only our Founders
Of this they knew.
A signer for
Independence was he;
A Document meant
To set men free.
The words were written,
With care and love,
And founded on inspiration;
From God above.
Separation of religion
And that of state,
Remember Socialism;
And their ultimate fate.
Now just a few,
Will tell the rest,
What kind of religion;
They feel is best.
Without concern
Or even a care,
Of what we want;
For God to be there.
The word of God,
Which from above;
Was showered down
On us with love.
He is always there,
To lend a hand,
Only He knows how
To save our land.
We say we worship
And believe,
But where’s the proof;
We are often naive.
When the end comes,
And we all look around.
Our faith in God,
I wonder if it will be found.
Bill Davis