Accept? A Poem

The shepherds in the field did pray;
Upon our souls, His life doth lay.
The angles in the sky above,
Are looking upon us all with love.
Jesus is in the stall asleep,
He already knows our salvation to keep.
We look upon our King with awe,
As He lays so innocently on the straw.
A baby He appears within;
Our heart He knows that He must win.
Are we ready to accept His grace;
Our sins are gone, without a trace.
Salvation is there for me and you,
To His word we should be true.
He loves us all so very dear,
Criticism by others…He has no fear.
God has showered us with love.
Tis something only comes from above.
You may not understand just why,
About His death.. He had to die.
He suffered so, and gave His blood,
The nails going in, made an evil thud.
The crown of thorns upon His head,
The Roman soldiers, they thought Him dead.
Was He forsaken on that spot,
My God and Savior; I think not.
His Father was looking down with pain,
His other children had all to gain.
They must but only accept His death,
As Jesus took His very last breath.
They laid Him in another’s tomb,
The earth, the sky was filled with gloom.
Three days were soon to come and go,
The doubt of His Kingdom would surely grow.
To rebuild the Temple in just three days,
But in the tomb; He still lays.
The angel appears once again on earth,
Not this time to speak of His birth.
He has won again, and conquered death,
Only by God, He will take a breath.
He has risen again for all to see,
And you know…that’s enough for me!
Bill Davis