Mary gave a gift to me,
A Savior for the world to see.
A symbol to us….. His birth;
God incarnate came to earth.
To fill us all with joy and awe,
The Baby that the shepherds saw.
Can we but only listen and wait,
Heed God’s gift before its to late.
A Baby so innocent and true;
Came to die, for me and you.
We cast our stones and judgments make
But Jesus die for all our sake.
We have but only accept His grace,
Our sins are gone without a trace.
God in heaven, my Father be;
I know His love is there for me.
His death on the cross, only a trace
His gift to me….. His holy grace.
We can not sit and only pray,
Jesus Christ will return one day.
Our actions and love to others are sure,
To show our devotion to Him is pure.
We talk about God and share His word,
An excitement for Him our hearts are stirred.
Oh soon will come our Christmas day,
Get on your knees and start to pray;
That God will find you worthy to be,
To live a life the world can see.
Worship our Savior and stand tall;
A Christlike life and love for all.
Bill Davis