The Gift

There is a story of a blind girl that was miserable with her life because she could not see. Her boyfriend loved her dearly and wanted to marry and take care of her forever. She told him that if she could ever see, she would marry him. One day she received the opportunity for eye transplants. After the healing process, the bandages were removed to discover a successful surgery. She saw things for the first time. When she looked at her future husband, also for the very first time, she was appalled to see he was blind. As she looked at where eyes should be, she could not bring herself to continue to love him; less spend her life with him. She told him she could not marry him. He left a crushed and heartbroken man. Days later, she received a short note from him that now she could read.‚ÄúTake care of your eyes, my love, for before they were yours, they were mine.” Can you even imagine being willing to give your eyes as a gift to someone while you were still using them? Look at the gift Jesus Christ gave. He gave His head to wear a crown of thorns. He gave His hands to have nails driven through them. He gave His face to be slapped and spat upon. He gave His heart to be broken by those He loved. He gave the ultimate gift of His life. John 15:13; “Greater love has no one than this, that he lay down his life for his friends.” Can you imagine giving your life for those that persecute you, revile and torture you? There truly is no greater love than what God has provided for us. We should all live as if we understand and appreciate such a gift.
Bill Davis