From Your Pastor, October 2011

Dear Church Family,

Lynda and I want to thank you once again for your great support for our family.  Our trip to Florida for Erica’s wedding was wonderful.  We want to invite the whole church family to a “Wedding Celebration” for Ian and Erica (Rigsby) Kent on October 15, from 3 to 5 pm at the Bleckley Inn, downtown Anderson.  Please come and celebrate with us this joyous occasion.

Our church family has been very faithful to give to wonderful special needs and ministries throughout the year but we cannot forget to continue to give faithfully to the budget needs.  Our building is paid from the budget general fund as well as the personal expenses and basic needs of the church.  It is absolutely necessary that we meet those obligations.  Many of you think that if you give to the special offering then you can lower your “regular” gift or take from your tithe to give to the other need.  That is so dangerous for you and the church.  Last year you voted to support the budget with your tithes and offerings and that vow you made needs to be honored first.  When Lynda and I give to a special offering or a mission opportunity it is over and above what we promised to give to the church’s budget. We must be faithful to support the work of the Lord Jesus through the church.  Thanks for hearing my heart.

Recently I have been asked to preach a revival for Barker’s Creek Baptist Church.  We will begin on Sunday morning October 9 and go through Wednesday October 12. Please pray for me that I will listen to the Lord’s voice as He prepares my heart for His mission and I preach with boldness and in the power of the Holy Spirit.

Serving with you in His Kingdom,