From Your Pastor, September 2011

Dear friends,

I recently was reminded through a message on the radio that the gospel is the vehicle by which we all find new life in Jesus Christ.  The pastor’s responsibility is to preach the gospel of the Lord Jesus Christ because through the gospel people are changed and are given hope in this world so life will make sense and have purpose.  I commit to you that I will continually seek to make the gospel as simple as it is presented in the Word of God and as often as I stand to speak for the Lord on any given Sunday. God has saved me and given me new life and purpose and I have seen Him do it for multitudes of believers over the years.

It is my prayer that we as believers in Jesus Christ will be able and willing to share the gospel at the drop of a hat to anyone we meet and talk with.  It is the power of God to salvation (Romans 1:16) then each of us needs to have the skills and willingness to tell the gospel story to anyone we meet and to those whom God leads us (1 Peter 3:15).

Lynda and I want to thank each of you for your warm and loving words and thoughts regarding the marriage of Erica and Ian.  Sometime in the near future we will have a reception here for them and you are invited to come and meet the newlyweds.