From Your Pastor, July 2011

30th June 2011 by Administrator

Dear Precious Friends:

Our Father in heaven has blessed Lynda and me with the greatest and most wonderful church family there is to be found! You have touched our lives in ways we cannot express and we have been so humbled by your love.  We don’t know how to adequately say thanks for such an uplifting and encouraging 20th year celebration.  We deeply appreciate the gift which has been sacrificially given on our behalf; thank you so much.  We love you all more than we can tell you!

On Sunday, June 12th I preached on “Greatness Jesus Style:  Being a Servant.”  In that message I reminded each of us that Jesus asks His followers be servants, just as He was a servant while here on earth.  Great leaders who are Christians should be willing to be servants and even slaves for Jesus Christ in their relationships with others.  How do we measure up to what Jesus has required of those of us who follow Him and are called Christians?

Our first pastor, J. Harold Smith, wrote an article long ago regarding the “spirit of service” of a believer.  Not many people really do serve God in humility he says; rather their desire is to be in charge. Dr. Smith says, “One of the secrets of being a successful servant of the Lord is humility.  God will always use a humble servant; He will never use a haughty one.”  He is speaking of a prideful person in the church and he says that their work “eventually comes to nothing.”  He continues by saying that ministry and the Christian life, “is about getting everyone to realize how important Jesus Christ is.  All we have to do is just lift up Him, and not worry about the rest.”  Dr. Smith says that as long as God is glorified and Christ is exalted, it does not matter that we do not get credit for the service.  God will declare that our job is well-done, and He will bless us for it.

My prayer is that each of us who are members of NABC will live our lives seeking to serve the Lord in humility and love, striving to give God the glory and exalt the Lord Jesus, our Savior, in all that we do.  Dr. Smith ends his article by saying, “Our Lord doesn’t ask us to do everything, but to do everything (we do) with cheerfulness and humility.”  May it be so, Lord Jesus, for each of us.

With great love and devotion to you and the Lord,

Bill and Lynda

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