From Your Pastor, April 2011

30th March 2011 by Administrator
Dear Family of God,
North Anderson Baptist is considered a friendly church, and thank God for that. Bruce Hancock, pastor of First Baptist, Camden, has written an article entitled, “If You Were A Guest At First Baptist what would you expect?”  I would like to share this article from the perspective of North Anderson Baptist.
If You Were A Guest At NABC what would you expect?
You would probably expect the following:
1. Someone to greet you at the door.
2. Someone to help you know where to go.
3. Someone to take a personal interest in you.
4. Some people to shake your hand.
5. Someone to say, “I am glad to see you here.”
6. Someone to ask if he could enroll you in Bible study.
7. Someone to show concern for your family.
8. Someone to visit you after you had attended Sunday School and Worship.
9. Someone to show concern for your spiritual well being.
10. Someone to ask you to return again.
Pastor Bruce then ends his article by asking, “‘What Would You Expect?’  Make your own list, and then you be the ‘someone’ who will make our guests feel at home next Sunday.”
I hope all of us at North Anderson Baptist will be the one who makes the effort to greet our guests with a smile and a helpful heart!
See you at church.

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