From Your Pastor, March 2011

Dear Family of God,
All through the scripture God calls His people to Himself.  We might call that revival or renewal but whatever you might want to call it, God desires that people come to know Him as the Almighty God, Creator of the universe, Lord of all and Savior of those who will come to Him in repentance and by faith in the Lord Jesus Christ.
There was a revival in the days of King Josiah in 2 Chronicles 34 when the young king wanted to rid his country from the evil influences of the pagan religions around them.  In the process he called for the temple to be rebuilt and in the work the priest Hilkiah found the Book of the Law.  When the book was shared and read to the king a revival began and the words of God began to change hearts.
We too want the words of God to change hearts.  Because God’s Word is powerful and capable to touch lives, starting on Sunday March 20 through Wednesday March 23 we are having Revival Services, with Evangelist Frank Shivers. You will not want to miss any part of this special time together as a church family.
The schedule is as follows:
Sunday morning @10:30am – Bring a Friend Day
Sunday evening @ 6pm – Sunday School Night
Monday evening @ 7pm – Operation Andrew Night
Tuesday night @ 7pm – Children’s Night
Wednesday night @ 7pm – Youth Night
I have known Frank Shivers for years and you will be Biblically challenged and the Holy Spirit will truly touch your heart with the love of God from each of his messages.
We are providing a nursery and child care for those families that need it.  Please make your plans to be with us and bring with you others who are not a part of the church or who do not know the Lord Jesus.
What can you do?  Pray first for yourself and for those whom you know who need the Lord. Then seek to reach out to others who truly need the Lord and His love in their lives and bring them with you.  You need to come!  On Sunday morning commit to bring a friend with you and on Monday night work hard to bring with you someone who is lost. Encourage your friends to start on Sunday and come every night of the revival services.
Please pray for the preparation for this special time in our lives.
See you Sunday.