From Your Pastor, February 2011

25th January 2011 by Administrator
God’s Supreme Letter
2 Peter 3:18
“But grow in the grace and knowledge of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. To Him be glory both now and forever! Amen.”
We are fortunate to have found them!  While looking through the closet one day at my Mom’s house in Greenville many years ago, I came across an old shoebox style box.  It was weathered and used from the years.  When I opened it up I found a treasure of love letters from my Dad to my Mom and my Mom to my Dad.  What a find.  I ask my Mom about them and she just told me what they were and that was about it.
Years passed and we had moved Mom to live with us here in Anderson and after about four years together she died.  While going through the many boxes we had of Mother and Dad’s stuff, I came across “the box” again.  This time Erica, our daughter, got them and read them and was moved enough that she unbeknown to Lynda and me, put the letters in four special albums and presented them to us for a gift.  What a present.  What love they represented that lived for more than 60 years.
God has written us a great love letter, the Bible.  Within the pages of that work of God He has placed “The Supreme Letter”, The Book of Ephesians.  On Wednesday nights starting on January 26th at 6:45pm our church fellowship will begin to study God’s love letter to you and me.  There will be 14 Wednesday nights in this study of how God loves you, the church.  You will not want to miss the wonderful challenge that studying God’s Word will bring you.
People sometimes say, “I don’t get anything from that “prayer meeting time.”  But I say you put yourself under the authority of God’s Word and He will:  teach you, meet your needs, share His grace and mercy with you, guide your life, provide for your needs, comfort you in your time of need, encourage you, give you strength in weakness, give courage when you are fearful, give you wisdom, bring joy to your life and conviction to your heart and soul.  There is so much that the Bible will do for you when you allow the words of God to touch your life and abide in you regularly. God is honored and glorified when His children read and study His love letter, when they become mature believers and are built up in the faith.
Won’t you make a new commitment to come to Bible Study and Prayer Meeting on Wednesday nights, starting right away?

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