Overwhelming YES Vote Taken on “Multi-Purpose Building”

North Anderson Baptist Church has moved into a new era of our history. In 1943 our unique sanctuary was built and in 1972 the education building was built at a cost of $125,000. We now embark on a new building plan worth $1.4 million to reach out and touch our community for Christ. Our “Multi-Purpose Building” will provide much needed education space for children and youth for years to come. We will also remodel some of the old educational building to provide more children’s classrooms and some adult education space. Our hope for more fellowship space will be realized and extra worship space will be available where we can close-circuit our worship services into the gym when the need comes. At this writing, Phase One of the building project calls for a half gym, but if the Lord provides $350,000 before Christmas then we will include a full gym with the Phase One project.
Our God knows what He wants to do with this congregation of believers that He can provide the extra financing to go ahead with the full gym. There are great and interesting times ahead of us. I hope that each of you reading this will pray for the Lord’s will and help in our growing for the Lord. Soon we will begin calling for a Pledge Campaign and asking each of you to be a part of it. Praise the Lord with us as we move forward reaching for the goal set before us, to reach the lost and to help grow the saved all the while caring for those around us like Jesus did.