The Harvest of the Righteous and the Unrighteous

21st September 2016 by Administrator

Bill’s message on the harvest of the earth.

The Eternal Gospel

30th August 2016 by Administrator

Bill Rigsby points out that not making a decision for Christ is making a decision.


15th August 2016 by Administrator

John Dill’s message on the unlikely events surrounding the meeting of Jesus and the woman at the well.

The Sea Beast

1st August 2016 by Administrator

Bill Rigsby’s message on the sea beast from Revelation 13.

Gideon’s Call

27th July 2016 by Administrator

Michael Duduit’s message on the call of Gideon.  

Overflowing with Thankfulness

3rd November 2015 by Administrator

Bill Rigsby begins the Thanksgiving season with this message encouraging us to examine all that we should personally be thankful for.

Evangelism with the Word of God

26th October 2015 by Administrator

Gideon message by Jimmy Martin.

Inspiration from the Master Teacher to – “Tell the Story”

19th October 2015 by Administrator

Sermon by Bill Rigsby explaining our marching orders to tell the story of Jesus.

A Church That Looks Ahead

2nd October 2015 by Administrator

Pastor Don Owens of New Hopewell Baptist Church brings a message describing the church that looks ahead.

The Challenge in the Invitation

1st October 2015 by Administrator

A challenge from Bill Rigsby to all Christians to evaluate what is more important in their lives than Jesus.