Evangelism with the Word of God

26th October 2015 by Administrator

Gideon message by Jimmy Martin.

Inspiration from the Master Teacher to – “Tell the Story”

19th October 2015 by Administrator

Sermon by Bill Rigsby explaining our marching orders to tell the story of Jesus.

A Church That Looks Ahead

2nd October 2015 by Administrator

Pastor Don Owens of New Hopewell Baptist Church brings a message describing the church that looks ahead.

The Challenge in the Invitation

1st October 2015 by Administrator

A challenge from Bill Rigsby to all Christians to evaluate what is more important in their lives than Jesus.

Direct Evangelism – Do What Jesus Did!

21st September 2015 by Administrator

Bill Rigsby encourages us to evangelize like Jesus did with the Samaritan woman at the well.

Make God Known Through His Love

2nd September 2015 by Administrator

Bill Rigsby asks if our birthmark of love is visible. mp3 audio Bill’s notes and verses on YouVersion.

Complete Unity – One with Christ

29th August 2015 by Administrator

The fourth message in the “Priestly Prayer of Jesus” series on being one with Christ.

Sanctified by the Truth – Your Word

23rd August 2015 by Administrator

Bill Rigsby delivers his third message in the “Priestly Prayer of Jesus” on sanctification.


2nd August 2015 by Administrator

John Dill speaks about our adoption into God’s family.

Kill It

21st June 2015 by Administrator

Tim Danyels’s message on killing the sin in your life.