From Your Pastor, August 2011

Dear Friends in Christ,

With the month of August on us we will see important things come our way.  One is the Saluda Association EPIC Conference, Saturday August 6th from 8 am to 12:30 pm at Covenant Baptist Church. It will prove to be invaluable to our church fellowship.  The training provided at this conference will bless our leaders and members.  Please do what you can to plan to attend this event for your personal walk with the Lord as well as for the benefit of our church.  See the newsletter and bulletins for the types of conferences offered.

Can you believe that the beginning of school is in August?  Pray for our children and youth as they prepare to return to the classroom.  We have great students and teachers in our church fellowship and they need you to lift them up to the Lord.

Even though our Lay Renewal Weekend is not in August but in September, please prepare to be involved by placing on your calendar this special event at our church. God calls us to be equipped to do the work of the Lord in the body of Christ but we all need to know our place of service and ministry.  That is the focus of this weekend.  Pray that when you are asked to service in some area to help prepare for this weekend that you will say “yes.”

Bless you all for your faithfulness to the Lord and His church through your attendance and your giving through your tithes and offerings.

Bill Rigsby

From Your Pastor, May 2011

Dear church family,

What a great Easter we have just experienced, praise be to the Father of our Lord Jesus Christ! We have two wonderful opportunities in May for which I would love all of us to take advantage.  The first is the Dr. Tony Evans Revival, “Revival of the Heart.”  Dr. Evans is a popular African-American pastor and author, from Dallas, Texas who we can hear on WLFJ and other radio stations. The revival is hosted by the Rocky River Baptist Association & the Saluda Baptist Association and will be at Covenant Baptist Church on Monday, May 9 – Wednesday, May 11 at 7:00 p.m. nightly.  You will not need a ticket to get in but it will be packed every service so you will need to get there early.  There will be a love offering received nightly.

Our second opportunity is to go to New Hopewell Baptist Church on May 22 at 5pm.  We will have our choir there and I will have the privilege to share the message of God.  We will have a great fellowship and time together with our brothers and sisters in the Lord.  You come too and share with us the love of God.

We look forward to worshiping our wonderful Savior with you the next time we meet.

In service to the King,


From Your Pastor, April 2011

Dear Family of God,
North Anderson Baptist is considered a friendly church, and thank God for that. Bruce Hancock, pastor of First Baptist, Camden, has written an article entitled, “If You Were A Guest At First Baptist what would you expect?”  I would like to share this article from the perspective of North Anderson Baptist.
If You Were A Guest At NABC what would you expect?
You would probably expect the following:
1. Someone to greet you at the door.
2. Someone to help you know where to go.
3. Someone to take a personal interest in you.
4. Some people to shake your hand.
5. Someone to say, “I am glad to see you here.”
6. Someone to ask if he could enroll you in Bible study.
7. Someone to show concern for your family.
8. Someone to visit you after you had attended Sunday School and Worship.
9. Someone to show concern for your spiritual well being.
10. Someone to ask you to return again.
Pastor Bruce then ends his article by asking, “‘What Would You Expect?’  Make your own list, and then you be the ‘someone’ who will make our guests feel at home next Sunday.”
I hope all of us at North Anderson Baptist will be the one who makes the effort to greet our guests with a smile and a helpful heart!
See you at church.

From Your Pastor, March 2011

Dear Family of God,
All through the scripture God calls His people to Himself.  We might call that revival or renewal but whatever you might want to call it, God desires that people come to know Him as the Almighty God, Creator of the universe, Lord of all and Savior of those who will come to Him in repentance and by faith in the Lord Jesus Christ.
There was a revival in the days of King Josiah in 2 Chronicles 34 when the young king wanted to rid his country from the evil influences of the pagan religions around them.  In the process he called for the temple to be rebuilt and in the work the priest Hilkiah found the Book of the Law.  When the book was shared and read to the king a revival began and the words of God began to change hearts.
We too want the words of God to change hearts.  Because God’s Word is powerful and capable to touch lives, starting on Sunday March 20 through Wednesday March 23 we are having Revival Services, with Evangelist Frank Shivers. You will not want to miss any part of this special time together as a church family.
The schedule is as follows:
Sunday morning @10:30am – Bring a Friend Day
Sunday evening @ 6pm – Sunday School Night
Monday evening @ 7pm – Operation Andrew Night
Tuesday night @ 7pm – Children’s Night
Wednesday night @ 7pm – Youth Night
I have known Frank Shivers for years and you will be Biblically challenged and the Holy Spirit will truly touch your heart with the love of God from each of his messages.
We are providing a nursery and child care for those families that need it.  Please make your plans to be with us and bring with you others who are not a part of the church or who do not know the Lord Jesus.
What can you do?  Pray first for yourself and for those whom you know who need the Lord. Then seek to reach out to others who truly need the Lord and His love in their lives and bring them with you.  You need to come!  On Sunday morning commit to bring a friend with you and on Monday night work hard to bring with you someone who is lost. Encourage your friends to start on Sunday and come every night of the revival services.
Please pray for the preparation for this special time in our lives.
See you Sunday.

From Your Pastor, February 2011

God’s Supreme Letter
2 Peter 3:18
“But grow in the grace and knowledge of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. To Him be glory both now and forever! Amen.”
We are fortunate to have found them!  While looking through the closet one day at my Mom’s house in Greenville many years ago, I came across an old shoebox style box.  It was weathered and used from the years.  When I opened it up I found a treasure of love letters from my Dad to my Mom and my Mom to my Dad.  What a find.  I ask my Mom about them and she just told me what they were and that was about it.
Years passed and we had moved Mom to live with us here in Anderson and after about four years together she died.  While going through the many boxes we had of Mother and Dad’s stuff, I came across “the box” again.  This time Erica, our daughter, got them and read them and was moved enough that she unbeknown to Lynda and me, put the letters in four special albums and presented them to us for a gift.  What a present.  What love they represented that lived for more than 60 years.
God has written us a great love letter, the Bible.  Within the pages of that work of God He has placed “The Supreme Letter”, The Book of Ephesians.  On Wednesday nights starting on January 26th at 6:45pm our church fellowship will begin to study God’s love letter to you and me.  There will be 14 Wednesday nights in this study of how God loves you, the church.  You will not want to miss the wonderful challenge that studying God’s Word will bring you.
People sometimes say, “I don’t get anything from that “prayer meeting time.”  But I say you put yourself under the authority of God’s Word and He will:  teach you, meet your needs, share His grace and mercy with you, guide your life, provide for your needs, comfort you in your time of need, encourage you, give you strength in weakness, give courage when you are fearful, give you wisdom, bring joy to your life and conviction to your heart and soul.  There is so much that the Bible will do for you when you allow the words of God to touch your life and abide in you regularly. God is honored and glorified when His children read and study His love letter, when they become mature believers and are built up in the faith.
Won’t you make a new commitment to come to Bible Study and Prayer Meeting on Wednesday nights, starting right away?

From Your Pastor, January 2011

What a remarkable year this has been! As Christmas has come and the New Year is here, I can’t help but look back and marvel at all God has done in the life of our church this past year. There is something about Christmas that helps us perceive the reality of God’s grace in a deeper, richer way, don’t you think?
I hope you will take some time during the next couple of weeks to spend time with the Lord and thank Him for the blessings of 2010, then to thank Him for what He has in store for you in 2011. Don’t forget to add the church to your prayers; He truly has blessed us in the face of financial difficulty for our families and for the church as a whole, showing the greatness of His faithfulness and reality of hope.  Thanks to all of you who have continued to faithfully give even when it has been hard, God never forgets those who sacrifice for His kingdom’s Savior. The coming year will contain joys and sorrows for each of us, but most important, it will contain God’s presence with us, Immanuel.  Immanuel is my favorite name for Jesus during the Christmas season.  It clearly tells us that God Almighty came from heaven to become just like us and was born a baby Boy in a dirty, stinky stable filled with animals.  He could have come as an earthly king but He humbled Himself and took on flesh to dwell with mankind, to be with us!  Wow!
Thank you for what you do in His kingdom, and for being a part of this church and its ministries.  Lynda and I thank you all for your faithfulness to the Lord Jesus and the way you love us and the full staff.  We are humbled by how God has used you in our lives and how you continue to touch us every week.   May the coming year bring you blessings beyond imagining and new opportunities to serve the King.
In the name of the Baby in Bethlehem,
Bill and Lynda

From Your Pastor, December 2010

Dear Friends,

Seeing God at work among us is so exciting!  He has truly revealed Himself to those who have been sensitive to hear Him speak by the Holy Spirit through the Word of God, prayer, circumstances, and the church.  Our God is real and alive, working in our hearts and moving us to really experience Him.  Our prayer now is that when He speaks regarding what He desires for us to be and do, we will be obedient and adjust our lives personally and as a church to that revealed word of God.  Our faith needs to be matched by our actions!  Trusting God with the very essence of His church that He bought and paid for with His own blood is our very life.  May we be found faithful!

I am truly thankful to each of you who are giving to the Special Challenge.  At the time of writing this the offering is over $30,000.  My personal prayer is that we will trust God for even more and be thankful for the challenge that came our way.  We will receive another $25,000 from an anonymous donor before Thanksgiving.  I thank God upon every remembrance of our special friends in the Lord.

Drive Thru Nativity will be a great thrill this year!  We have been waiting a long time to share Christ this way with our community once again.  May the Lord use His story to change lives and encourage hearts.  Your life, too, will be changed if you give yourself to make this a reality through your church.

Bless you all! Lynda and I love you.