From Your Pastor, April 2013


What a wonderful word! To know you have a family and that you are a part of a family is very comforting. You have been our family for almost 22 years! Lynda and I love you and appreciate who you are and how you have loved us. For Lynda, it is easy to love her but for me you really have to stretch that ability to love a little further, but thanks for doing that.

April is a special month for a lot of reasons but for one particular event. We are going to New Hopewell Baptist Church April 28 at 5pm. I will have the wonderful privilege to preach the riches of the Gospel of the Lord Jesus Christ and we will be in charge of the music part of the worship service. What a wonderful opportunity to share worship and fellowship with our brothers and sisters whom we have loved for many years and worshiped with many times. Please be praying for this time and the message that God has given me. There will be fellowship time after the worship service and the New Hopewell folks always provide so generously. Please plan to go and share in this special time with friends and with the Lord.

God has blessed North Anderson and will continue to do so IF we are faithful to obey, worship and serve him continually. He doesn’t need us but we need God. North Anderson Baptist Church can do nothing for eternity without the Lord doing it through us. Let us call on the Name of the Lord and follow Him faithfully every day.


Pastor Bill

From Your Pastor, March 2013

Dear Family,

I recently sent out a survey for young adults and I am preparing to send out a similar survey for the rest of the adults of our fellowship. If you haven’t yet responded to the survey I hope you will soon. As soon as I can have the responses compiled I will share the results with the church. Many of the suggestions that people have made and probably will make can help improve our ministry here at NABC. Thank you for participating.

March is soon here, what a great month! I was born this month; at least my mom would have thought it exciting if she were still here. Primarily it is a great month because we will celebrate Easter on the last Sunday, the 31st.

We are going to have evening services each Sunday night at 6 pm from the 3rd to the 24th. We will have an all church fellowship on the 3rd and worship services for the 10th, 17th and the 24th. One exciting thing we will do on Easter is to take Communion together with the church.

To worship with you as a family is a wonderful privilege for me and Lynda. I pray it is for you too. I also hope you are preparing your hearts and minds before you come to the “House of the Lord” to worship Him. We are learning from our Old Testament readings that He requires that we are prepared to meet Him who is holy. Spiritual preparation for your worship will be more meaningful to you and will be acceptable in the sight of the Lord God Almighty.

Blessings to you all.

From Your Pastor, February 2013

Dear Church Family,

HERE’S AN ARTICLE I read in another church newsletter. It contains a lot of food for thought and self-examination.


1. Think only about yourself.

2. Talk only about yourself and your problems.

3. Use the personal pronoun “I” all the time.

4. Always demand agreement with your ideas and views.

5. Sulk a lot.

6. Be envious of others.

7. Expect to be appreciated and get upset if you are not.

8. Be jealous.

9. Be highly suspicious of everyone, always looking for motivation and hidden agendas.

10. Remember every critical word people speak and don’t forget to be critical in return.

11. Spread bad news as often as you can.

12. Trust no one but yourself.

13. Complain about everything.

14. Be creative in your complaints, criticism and gossip, i.e., explain them as “prayer requests.”

15. Try to discourage as many people as possible.

16. Try to look as sick as possible so others will feel sorry for you.

17. Start every day by looking for things to complain about and increase as the day progresses.

18. Accentuate the negative! Eliminate the positive!

Loving You,


From Your Pastor, January 2013

What a wonderful Christmas season we have had.  God has blessed us with many humble servants in His Kingdom.  I appreciate all of the hard work each of you has given to the spread of the Gospel and the love of the Lord Jesus Christ. Thank you from the bottom of my heart.

2013 brings an exciting study of the Old Testament. As we begin 2013, North Anderson Baptist Church will focus on the Old Testament in our worship and personal study.  You will receive a reading plan as a guide to read through the Old Testament in one year.  I am asking that all of us read the Old Testament together in the year 2013.  You might want to read alone or with your spouse or with your family, but whatever your plan, I challenge you to read the Old Testament throughout the year with the entire church fellowship.

Each week I will be preaching on a portion of the Bible that you will have read during the previous week.  I will begin the series on January 6, teaching on the first 18 chapters of Genesis.  Since the New Year starts on Tuesday you will need to read the first three chapters before that time so we can begin and stay on schedule.  The “Reading Plan” is printed here in this newsletter and it has been handed out in card form so you might keep it in your Bible to remind you of our reading schedule.

Our Small Groups for the winter semester are going to coincide with our reading of the Bible together.  We will be studying the book “40 Days in the Word” written by Rick Warren.  We will begin each Sunday night’s study at 6:00  pm in the sanctuary to watch a video together and then break up into four smaller groups where we will continue with discussion and workbook follow-up.  The subtitle of the workbook is “Love the Word, Learn the Word, and Live the Word.”  The theme of that subtitle will be our goal for the six weeks that we meet together.  It is our prayer that the Lord Jesus, by His Spirit, will bless you, guide you, and encourage you to put your whole heart into this significant six weeks.  Our fellowship will surely benefit from this study of God’s Word if we commit ourselves to this special event.  Even if you have not regularly come to the Small Groups please make a new commitment to be a part of this life changing event.

Lynda and I love you and appreciate all you have done for us and especially the love you have shown us.

A Letter from Pastor Rigsby

Dear Fellow Believers,
I thought it helpful to share with you my heart now that the election is over since I have preached through these last 6 plus weeks about America and what I believe regarding the “Critical Social Issues of our Time.” I have told many people that I personally may be disappointed with the outcome but I believe there are some important things we need to think about and do. Without question, I believe that our God, the God of the Bible who is all powerful, all knowing and almighty, was not caught unaware of what was going to happen and when it was all over said, “Wow, I didn’t see this coming.” He is a God who reigns over all and through all no matter what happens. I can’t tell you the mind of God in this political election but I don’t have to as long as He knows what is going on, no matter what I will trust Him. Trust is the key; do you trust God no matter what happens in this life and with this country? We may be allowed to know what He is doing and thinking as the years go by and maybe we won’t. What I have preached I believe! It may have not been popular but I have sought the Lord for the truth and have tried to deliver that truth to you faithfully. Will America honor God or seek to leave Him totally out of the picture, we will see.

Let me share a passage of scripture with you. I believe we all need to read 1 Timothy 2:1-6. Reading this word from Paul will help you know what to do now as a follower of the Lord Jesus Christ. We have the privilege and responsibility to pray for all of our leaders and pray that they will seek God to give them wisdom and guidance that will honor and glorify Him.

Pastor Bill

I read this article by Peter Heck and I thought it might help in making so sense of this election. I hope it give some light to your heart.

As Christian believers, our calling is far greater than that drawn from winning elections or gaining political power – although we are to care about such things.
So I guess it’s possible that my original prediction of Mitt carrying 315 electoral votes in a presidential landslide may not pan out. It’s still early. The lawyers haven’t had their say. But I will at least acknowledge that it’s possible he won’t reach that threshold.
Actually, about 8:30 as I started to see the exit polls (which admittedly have a sketchy record of accuracy), my jaw hit the floor. It was at that point that I started to accept the reality that this wasn’t going to go well. And when Michigan and Pennsylvania were called so quickly, I texted my wife this simple, painful message: “It’s over.” Granted, it wasn’t yet. But it was. And even the most optimistic conservative could tell that a great groundswell of common sense, Christian, rational American citizens was not going to materialize.
So how do I feel? And how do I think Christians should feel today? I state this unequivocally: I am disappointed. Disappointed in my country. But I am not discouraged. If my sense of purpose and my sense of meaning were drawn from winning elections or gaining political power I would be. But it’s not – never has been, never will be. In the heat of an election that means so much, that truth can be lost on many people. It’s not that I don’t care about the outcome of elections – I obviously do. It’s not that I don’t see them as important or critical to the survival of our civilization and way of life – I obviously do.
But as a Christian believer, my calling is something far greater. God has commanded me to be His ambassador in this crooked and depraved generation. He’s called me to stand for truth even when it feels like I’m standing alone. He’s called me to be a light in a dark world, even when it seems the darkness overshadows and envelops me. He’s called me to be righteous and faithful, and let Him handle everything else.
Ask John the Baptist about standing for righteousness in a corrupt political environment. He was forced to preach in the wilderness, eat locust and be considered a radical nut by everyone in the “mainstream.” Did he win any great victories or influence the pop culture the way he undoubtedly wanted it to? Did he bring down the corrupt empire and leaders he spoke out against? No. He got his head chopped off. But John realized he wasn’t called to win. He was called to be faithful. And as a result of his faithfulness, the Son of God said that of all those born of women there was no one greater than John the Baptist.
That’s the kind of praise I seek. That’s the kind of praise I want. If I influence people along the way – if me and like-minded believers influence enough of the culture to bring about social change – great. But our purpose is not to build up treasure on earth, but in heaven. Our calling is not to please or impress men, but God. Our responsibility is not to compromise or sacrifice truth for the sake of political expediency, but to stand for it and boldly proclaim it no matter the cost.
That is why I am disappointed, but not discouraged.
Last night, the guy I wanted to win the presidential election lost. But last night did not change the fact that murdering children is abhorrent and wrong. It did not change the fact that homosexuality is a dangerous lifestyle that is spiritually and physically destructive to individuals and a depraved behavior not to be condoned. It did not change the fact that sexual immorality and decadence is something that should be resisted. It did not change the fact that the Biblical model of family is best for children and society.
Truth remains. And if anything, after last night I am refocused and reenergized in my urgency to proclaim it.
Peter Heck ( is a public high school government teacher and radio talk show host in central Indiana.

From Your Pastor, November 2012

Thank you church for your gracious support for the October Block Party! You truly shared your love with our community through your work, giving and praying. God bless each who participated in any way with the block party. Let me thank those who worked hard on the plans and met for many weeks and gave countless hours to this major mission endeavor of the church for the glory of the Lord Jesus Christ.

What is Thanksgiving to you? Where do you get your traditions for the holiday? Do you often think of why America celebrates a special day and call it Thanksgiving? I realized anew that Thanksgiving was strictly an American holiday when our son Clint lived in Italy during a fall semester while studying. He was anticipating Thanksgiving and all that comes with it but realized that Italians don’t have a Thanksgiving and was forced to think what he would do for that special day. He was fortunate to run across some American missionaries who invited him to celebrate the American holiday with them. What a joy for him and a relief for us that he could still experience the real reason for the special day.

Thanksgiving is not just about food and football it is giving genuine thanks to God Almighty for the survival of the Pilgrims through difficult times and for freedoms that we have here in America, particularly the freedom of worship. Freedom of worship came at a high price for the Pilgrims who lost so many lives in that first year of settling in New England. We as Americans should thank the God of the Bible for the great sacrifice made in order to live openly for the Lord Jesus Christ. Thanksgiving is a Christian holiday and yet it silently declares that people have the right to worship whatever way they desire. This holiday stands for my “God given right” to worship the God of the Bible as I see fit without governmental interference. Be careful in these “last days” not to be blind to see what can happen in our America if the government continues to marginalize your Christian faith. Pray as believers to have God intervene in our country’s life and turn us back to the God of our forefathers.

Take note that there WILL NOT be a Thanksgiving meal on November 18.

Bill a co-worker with you in the Lord

From Your Pastor, October 2012

Dear Church Family,

The Lord Jesus has said in Luke 6:38, “Give, and it will be given to you. A good measure, pressed down, shaken together and running over, will be poured into your lap. For with the measure you use, it will be measured to you.” The Lord said through the prophet Malachi in Chapter 3:10, “Bring the whole tithe into the storehouse, that there may be food in my house. Test me in this,” says the Lord Almighty, “and see if I will not throw open the floodgates of heaven and pour out so much blessing that you will not have room enough for it.”

October will be “Bring the Whole Tithe Month.” We challenge each member to give in the month of October, a tithe on the gross salary that you receive. If you give weekly or monthly give the 10% of your gross income for that one month. The church leadership is praying that we will be able to see the potential of the giving in our church fellowship and believe God that His people will trust Him to continue to bless them as they practice giving on a regular basis month after month. Please join us in believing God to “Bring the Whole Tithe” in the month of October.

Everyone please make Saturday, October 13 the day you participate in “The Block Party” sponsored by NABC. Get all the information on page 5 of the October newsletter.

Bless you all and let’s trust God together!

Bill Rigsby

From Your Pastor, September 2012

Dear Church Family,

A new school year is here already and many are groaning because school is back in session and others are rejoicing because school is back in session. That doesn’t make sense does it? Unless you are a parent!

God’s Word calls for the church to move forward in harmony and unity. We seek to do just that by utilizing the Team approach for our church ministries. When the Nominating Team put together the “Officers, Teachers and Team list” they were providing the great platform by which we will have a successful year working together in unity.

Each Team which will be led by a chairperson and the team must get together on Tuesday, September 10 starting at 7pm to organize and plan a vision for the team of which they are a part. If there needs to be an alternate date then Thursday, September 12 is set aside to meet. Each Team is to meet and then have a representative, hopefully the chairperson, to meet with the “new” Church Council on Monday, September 24 starting at 7pm to present to them the vision and the organization for each Team. The Church Council will hold all Teams and their leaders accountable for the work they say that they will do in behalf of the church at large. Our desire is that God’s work is done well and that God’s kingdom will grow because of that organization.

Part of the Matthew 28 Great Commission is to teach all things that Jesus commanded and Paul talks about the church helping members mature in their relationship with the Lord Jesus Christ. Because of those mandates in Scripture we are making sure there are wonderful Small Groups available to each member to reach their potential in Christ and become more like the Savior in their as a believer. Our Small Groups will begin on Sunday, September 9 at 6pm. Come be a part of the growing and maturing Christian army of God here at North Anderson Baptist Church.

From Your Pastor, August 2012


Back in the spring our deacon body heard a presentation by Dr. Michael Duduit, one of our members, who is the Dean of College of Christian Studies at Anderson University.  This presentation was about a new church start that Michael and several others were preparing to launch in our area sometime in the fall.  Dr. Duduit and I had been discussing this for a long time and I thought it was the right time to ask the deacons to consider NABC being the mother (sponsor) church for this new church start.  They were overwhelmingly supportive and wanted to present it to the church for us to sponsor God’s new work in Anderson.  Sunday, July 29, 2012 we will ask our church to formally vote on sponsoring this new church now called “The Bridge Church.”  The core of The Bridge Church will join us on that Sunday. There will be a signing of a document that will symbolize our becoming their prayer partner and making the commitment to help them in any way we can.  This is not a commitment to provide financing for their church in any way. Saluda Baptist Association will also participate in this ceremony.  Pray for this special service and for our new sister church, “The Bridge Church.”

Teams are the heartbeat of NABC.  We are going to make a greater effort to work by teams this year more than ever in the past.  Our key team will be the new Church Council.  This team will be the guiding force for our church and it is made up of all the chairpersons from the major teams in the church.  All teams will be accountable to the Church Council.  The Nominating Team will be instructing all members of the teams they enlist that they will be accountable to the Church Council.  In the month of August there will be specific instructions given regarding the procedures that will be followed by all teams.  Be prepared to serve with the goal ofglorifying the Lord Jesus, reaching the lost and making disciple out of those who are saved.


God’s blessings to you all,


From Your Pastor, July 2012

Thank you church family for allowing me to go to the Southern Baptist Convention in New Orleans, LA. Not only has it been a great convention but I have been challenged personally in my faith and in the work of the Lord at NABC. May God continue to work in all our lives. As of June 21, 2102, Lynda and I have been here at NABC 21 years.

Thank you for the privilege that we have had serving you and the Lord here at this wonderful church, and it is our prayer that God will give us many more years in service to Him and His church.

We also want to thank you for always encouraging us to get away on vacation with our family. You continue to think of our welfare and we deeply appreciate that so much.

Much love from two servants of the Living Lord Jesus,
Bill and Lynda