From Your Pastor

From Your Pastor

29th October 2013 by Administrator

I have admired Billy Graham all of my life. His messages have brought me to my knees in repentance and re-dedication. We have one last chance to hear him preach the gospel with anointed power and love. The first week in November brings a unique opportunity to celebrate his ministry and watch what God can do through the message.. continue reading »»

Special Need

8th October 2013 by Administrator

Dear friends who love the Lord: Our church has an opportunity to make an impact in the life of one of our senior adult women. She is a precious child of God and is in need of our help. Our friend has been fighting cancer for a good while and is a picture of true.. continue reading »»

From Your Pastor

3rd October 2013 by Administrator

A friend of mine sent this to me, I felt it was really good enough and that it ministered to me a great deal that I wanted you to see it. Most of us have had some terrible times in our lives and others are experiencing difficult times right now, while others will one day.. continue reading »»

From the Desk of Pastor Bill Rigsby

12th August 2013 by Administrator

The great preacher Charles Spurgeon wrote in his devotional Morning and Evening about this scripture: “The Lord reigns, let the earth be glad.” He discusses the power of God in all things here on earth and in heaven. He reminds us that nothing is that is not under His sovereignty. Spurgeon says, “In all our.. continue reading »»

From the Desk of Bill Rigsby

30th July 2013 by Administrator

I was reading Charles Spurgeon’s Morning and Evening Devotional book, and the subject of this day’s evening devotion was powerful. The thought of the great Almighty God loving me so much that He will forgive me of my sin, no matter what, just blows my mind. Spurgeon used John 6:37, “All those the Father gives.. continue reading »»

From Your Pastor, August 2013

29th July 2013 by Administrator

August brings regularity back to our schedule here at church. We have three wonderful things to share with you. First, on August 4 at 5pm, an old friend and Gideon, Mark Hewitt, will be in concert for us. Mark is an accomplished singer and has even sung for us in the past. He and Trudy.. continue reading »»

Letter of Appreciation

8th July 2013 by Administrator

This month marks the beginning of the 23rd year of a very precious relationship for which Lynda and I are extremely grateful! Thank you, North Anderson Baptist Church, for all the support, care, and love you have given to us over the past 22 years. The years have passed so quickly and the people who.. continue reading »»

Marion Popkin

2nd July 2013 by Administrator

Over the years folks have come to church that have impacted other’s lives. Robert and Marion Popkin were two such people. Robert and Marion were from upper New York state and so they often had different opinions and thoughts about things that those who were from the south had. One of the first experiences that.. continue reading »»

From Your Pastor, July 2013

27th June 2013 by Administrator

America is blessed nation. We have lived under the grace of God for over 200 years. Our nation today has turned from the God of the Bible and we must once again place our trust in the God who has given us our freedom as a nation, established us in liberty and given us a.. continue reading »»

From the Heart of Pastor Rigsby

26th June 2013 by Administrator

From Charles Spurgeon’s Morning and Evening we read this devotion from June 25. “The dove found no rest for the sole of her foot.” Genesis 8:9 Reader, can you find rest apart from the ark, Christ Jesus? Then be assured that your religion is vain. Are you satisfied with anything short of a conscious knowledge.. continue reading »»