From Your Pastor, October 2014

As a pastor there are times you get very sentimental about what you do. What the apostle Paul wrote in 1 Thessalonians 2:11-12, 19-20 helps describe how I feel about you, the people who make up North Anderson Baptist Church. I realize I am not your father, many of you are older than I, but I feel like I have “fathered” you over the years. Not that you are children either, but I hope I have cared for you, like Paul speaks of in this passage by “encouraging, comforting and urging you to live lives worthy of God, who calls you into His Kingdom and glory.” God has brightened my heart with hope and joy because of you. I can say of you that you are so special to me that I can humbly present you to the Lord Jesus when He comes as my glory and joy.

Like Paul, who was encouraged by those he ministered to in chapter 3:7-9 and in 12-13 that I can say God has encouraged me because of your faith, standing firm in the Lord as you live faithfully for the Lord. Part of a pastor’s life is praying for those God gives you that they may be strong in their faith and continue in the joy of the Lord. I enjoy so much seeing the love of God overflow in your lives and expressed to one another. What a picture of our Savior you are! My prayer is that you will continue to grow in the love of Jesus and walk blamelessly and holy in His presence until the Lord Jesus Christ comes in all His glory.

With a grateful heart,

Pastor Bill

From Your Pastor, September 2014

A brand new church year starts this month. This is a time to renew your faith the Lord and to His church. What is God going to do with your life this year? How does He desire to use you for His Kingdom’s work? Whatever God says to you and me my prayer is that we will be willing and obedient servants who respond with a, “Yes, Lord!” May our response be just that in this new church year. I want to introduce you to your deacon leadership: Chairman, Matt Ball; Vice-Chairman, Matt George; and Secretary, BJ Sharp. Pray for them and each of the following deacons this year: Bruce Brown, Sean Lister, Ray Manley, Rick Riendeau, Matt White, Bo Evans, Josh Stamps, Jerry Wilson, and Don Johnson.

We have already gone back to having a regular Sunday night worship service at least through December. We pray that you will plan to be there and bring your family; there is a children’s ministry, a youth ministry and a college ministry going on along with the nursery for the little ones. Plan to worship with us on Sunday evenings from 6-7pm. At times we will have an all-church fellowship or a movie night but we are excited for what God will do for His church. Be a part!

Coming this fall there will be a strong emphasis on Youth and College ministries. God has given us a great line-up of Godly leadership in both these critical areas of our church. Our Youth and College Day will be on Sunday, November 16th worship time. Please pray for the youth and college ministries of the church.

We have been truly blessed by having our Deaf Ministry, lead by Rev. Billy Sistrunk and assisted by both Julia Bramlett and Becky Walker as interpreters. God has been doing great things in this special group of our congregation. We want to thank them all for the loving spirit they have shown to each of us in the hearing congregation. What a great fellowship God has given us.

Let’s praise God for all He has done in and through us for God’s glory and the expansion of His Kingdom.

Your Pastor

From Your Pastor

It is not often that I go out of town to do a funeral.

This month I have the privilege to do a memorial ser-
vice for both Col. Ray Smith and Roah at Arlington

Cemetery, Washington, DC. We talked of this with

Ray before he died. He always wanted to be buried

there, so he and Roah had been cremated when they

died and their four daughters have arranged this very

sacred ceremony for their parents. Col. Ray was a

lifer in the Army. He was a soldier of many years and

many experiences. He wrote of his career in the Army

in a book found in our library. He fought in WWII

going ashore at Normandy two weeks after D-Day and

fighting through the European theatre with General

George Patton’s outfit.


Ray was a veteran of the Korean Conflict and also

served in Vietnam leading many men and not losing

one, of which he was very proud. Col. Ray served in

the Army’s Command College and in the nuclear pro-
gram for the United States of America.


All this time Roah was a faithful Army wife raising

four girls alone, most of the time. She was the perfect

wife and perfect Army wife, Ray would say. When

you spent time with Roah she express her great pride

in Ray and his work for our country and how much

she enjoyed being a part of the Army all those years.

After Ray retired and they settled here in Anderson

they eventually became a part of our church family.

Ray and Roah were very active in Sunday School and

other activities of the church.

Slowly, Ray noticed and finally everyone else did too, that Roah was suffering

from dementia. Her disease finally took them away to live in Greenville where

there was care for Roah’s condition, even as it would progress sending her into

the nursing unit.

What a very sweet couple and one which I appreciated so much for their great

sacrifice they paid for our country’s freedom from the very beginning of their

marriage until their deaths. Roah was a gentle lady and Ray was a patriot to the

very end, who loved freedom, which he fought for and loved the country which

he almost died for many times, as he told his friends.

What a joy their daughters have given me. Pray for me as I go to lay them to

their final rest on this side of heaven, my brother and sister in Christ and my

friends, Col. Ray and Roah Smith.

Your Pastor

From Your Pastor

Most believers have heard of or read 2Chronicles 7:14
“…if my people, who are called by my name, will humble themselves and pray and seek my face and
turn from their wicked ways, then I will hear from
heaven, and I will forgive their sin and will heal their
land.” Solomon was confronted here by God during the
time of the dedication of the Temple he built for the worship of the Lord God Almighty. I have used this verse to
call our church to revival and so have many other pastors. It is a great and challenging passage of scripture
for a church body and an individual Christian.
Our Christian churches in America are dealing with immoral issues that are breaking the church alliances up
that have stood for decades. Our churches are being persecuted by an unbelieving world for their stand of faith
in the Lord Jesus Christ. In other parts of the world
some churches have been burned and others have been
destroyed by other violent methods. Our local churches
seemed to have little power in their community and deceasing respect among the communities in which they
worship. What should be done?
Our church will participate in a nation-wide effort called
“Call 2 Fall” calling us to fall on our knees and pray for
the local congregations to be refreshed and come to repentance for sin and rebellion against God. We also are
calling on churches to pray for our nation, the needs we
have as believers, and the courage to stand for the Word
of God in an immoral society seeking to change everything that the church stands for. We are seeking God for
a nation that has turned its back on the God who helped
established it as a true nation under God. Won’t you be a part of this prayer effort? On Sunday, June 29
during our morning worship we
will pray on our knees calling for God to forgive us our sins and grant us a renewed
Spiritual Awakening.
And then starting on July 1 through July 7 we will bind together praying individually and then on Sunday July 6
we will pray together as a church for these three
things: 1) God the Father to restrain, protect and deliver His people from the evil
that has come into our world. 2) For God the Son to be exalted, magnified and gloried in His church, in our nation and in our lives. 3) For God the Holy Spirit to fall
on us in a fresh way, compelling the church to repent of sin and our nation to return
to faith in the living God, resulting in a great national spiritual awakening. On Monday, July 7 we are asking you to pray and fast for 7 hours thus calling this event
“7-7-7.” Would you participate with us here at NABC?
Your Pastor

From Your Pastor, June 2014

One of the things I enjoy during the summer is being with family. Let me put it this way, I love seeing my family that are far away and those I see frequently and summertime really affords us that opportunity. We have a special week together and it is a great blessing to me and Lynda. Also during the summer we get to see the friends we have made over the years through the Gideon ministry. God has provided such great friendships and Lynda and I are truly blessed becauseof them.

I do hope each of you will realize that true friends bring joy to your heart. At times there are those who claim to be friends and nothing but sadness and misery come from them. They are not friends. God grants us friends and at times these special friends are those who truly guide us by telling us the truth even though it might be tough on us for awhile. But that true friend will stand by you no matter what. If your friends only told you the good things about you and left out those things that we need to hear then we might fall into a trap that would be eternally damaging to our body, soul and spirit.

If I were going off the deep end and I needed help and direction, a real friend would help set me straight. With love and tenderness he/she would kindly guide me back to the right path. Be that special person for someone else and accept the help of another friend for your life when things go wrong.

God is our greatest friend. His Word is where we go for the true guidance for our lives. You will be encouraged and at times or you might be challenged to get your life right before the Lord. If you and I fail to heed the correction of the Lord from His Word, we may well put our own life in danger and we might miss the blessings of the Lord which He meant to lift us up on high. Read the Word of God and see His greatness shine!

From Your Pastor, May 2014

Dear church,

It is hard to describe how Lynda and I felt to walk in the same places that our Lord and Savior walked. We know it may not have been in the exact same places, but the experience was indescribable nonetheless. On one occasion we stood at the top of Mt. Arbel, where our guides told us that Jesus may have stood to pray alone and to possibly see the disciples as they got caught in one of the storms on the Sea of Galilee. It was awesome to look out over the whole Sea of Galilee from this vantage point and know this is where Jesus lived and preached for most of three years. So many of the places we went were filled with crowds of people and at times it was hard to imagine what it must have been like in Jesus’ day. We were fortunate to be there while all of Galilee was clothed in beautiful green grass. We were told that the countryside would be brown in just a few weeks, as the grass would have less water during the upcoming days.

One of our favorite places was Masada. It is not critical to Biblical history, but it is to the Jews in the first century right after Jerusalem was destroyed in 70 AD. As I look at the pictures and remember the unbelievable scenery while standing on the plateau of Masada, I thought of the three hundred Jews who kept the Roman soldiers at bay for three years before they were able to break through to the top of the plateau. I would love to tell you the rest of the story later!

While standing high in the Judean barren wasteland, you can see the Dead Sea beaming in the sun light and even see the oasis in the distance at which David stayed with his men while running from King Saul. There is not enough time nor adequate words to talk of all the places in Jerusalem that brought our minds and hearts to think of Christ.

Let me mention just two places…Gordon’s Calvary (named after Gordon who first recognized this place could be the actual site of the crucifixion because of the skull like shape of the mount), a rock rise right outside the walls of Jerusalem where some believe that Jesus died. It is a rock formation on which you can actually see the form of a skull (Golgotha, the place of the skull). And then, not more than about 500 yards away, is the place many people believe is the garden tomb of Jesus. Here is a tomb carved right out of stone in the side of a rock cliff. We experienced such a wonderful time of peace and worship in that beautiful garden!

Friends, what an amazing opportunity Lynda and I were given by someone who loves us; we will be forever thankful. Since our return, we continue to process the things we learned and experienced. We realize more and more every day how much our Lord loves us! We would love the opportunity to share more about our trip any time you would like to hear!

Loving you and the Lord, Bill and Lynda

From Your Pastor

Israel – what a place! Lynda and I have been invited as guests
to go to Israel at the end of this month and the first few days of
the next. We are thrilled and humbled by the opportunity to go
to the Holy Land. It has been a dream over the years but we
never felt like we would ever make it. Lynda and I have talked
about it some with friends but now it is a reality and we are
truly excited.

Please pray for us as we prepare to go and experience those
things that you really just read about. It is my prayer that our
lives will be impacted so much that we can share what we have
seen and heard with others when we return. It is my hope that
my preaching and teaching will be more inspired and enhanced
because the Bible will have come alive for me like never

We covet your prayers as we prepare and while we are gone.

Servants of the Master,
Bill & Lynda

Marriage Follow Up

Yesterday I preached the message, “True Biblical Marriage” from Jesus’ discussion with the Pharisees in Matthew 19:1-9. Today I read this article in a posting on Facebook and thought it is appropriate to print as a follow-up to the message. What can make a marriage better; I think these suggestions can help.
Divorce Is Trending
Posted by fbc – January 26, 2014 –

By: Waylon Bailey

No one has to tell us divorce is trending in America. We see the hurt and pain all around us.
I see divorce from a unique perspective. When divorce occurs families are devastated in almost every way. People split up everything. Under the best arrangements, children live in two homes. Sometimes the custody fights rip children away. Even the church loses as someone keeps the church and someone has to leave. The pain for everyone is horrendous.
Nothing hurts like family hurt.
What can we do to make our marriages and families stronger?

First, take time to talk about your hopes and dreams. When you first contemplated marriage, you talked about what you wanted and how you wanted to live. That same dreaming needs to follow along after the wedding.
Martha and I still take time to talk about our dreams for the future. Since we have an empty nest, our dreams and hopes are different but they are just as real. Talking about your hopes has a way of bringing you together. I suggest you schedule a special time–a date–to talk about the future.

Second, plan a regular date night. Your family depends on the love of mom and dad. Spend some time and money to build your relationship. It will be the best time you can spend for your children.
Plan special times to get away. Marriages need time and they need romance.

Third, from time to time remind yourselves how you met and what attracted you to one another. Those are good memories that help solidify a marriage.

Fourth, encourage your mate. Make sure your spouse knows you believe in him/her. Find ways to show that you care and that you believe and trust one another.
Finally, spend time learning what makes strong, healthy marriages. One resource I have particularly helpful is Gary Chapman’s The Five Love Languages.
Above all, seek God and His plan for marriage.
May God bless your marriage.
I too hope that as you seek god and how He desires for you to live as a married couple that He will bless you and touch your marriage with his grace and peace.
Bill Rigsby




From Your Pastor

I have admired Billy Graham all of my life. His messages have brought me to my knees in repentance and re-dedication. We have one last chance to hear him preach the gospel with anointed power and love. The first week in November brings a unique opportunity to celebrate his ministry and watch what God can do through the message of His servant. During that week Christians and lost people will gather in homes all over the United States to watch a message from Dr. Graham.

My Hope with Billy Graham will actually be shown on television Thursday, November 7th which is Bill’s birthday. But the Graham association has made available a DVD of the same message that can be shown in homes anytime that week. “Matthews” will gather people into their homes for fellowship and the message of God from Dr. Graham. The host will follow-up with a short testimony of salvation and then ask for those who are in attendance to trust Jesus Christ by faith for their lives too.

If you are not attending one of those meetings I hope you will seek out someone who is hosting and go to theirs. Some of you may even at this last minute want to host a meeting, we can help with that. But regardless if you are a host or attendee or someone who believes God can change lives, we all can pray and ask God to do a miracle in the lives of thousand’s, maybe even millions, during that week. As a church that loves the Lord, let us bind together to pray during that week each night to ask God to touch lives with the Gospel. By the way, the title of the message Dr. Graham will deliver is “The Cross.”

Special Need

Dear friends who love the Lord:

Our church has an opportunity to make an impact in the life of one of our

senior adult women. She is a precious child of God and is in need of our

help. Our friend has been fighting cancer for a good while and is a picture

of true faith in God. She has a very limited income as well. She asks for

nothing, but I ask in her behalf.

She has had her heating and cooling unit go out and is in need of a

replacement. A very reputable gentleman who has helped her to keep the

unit going in the past, is going the second mile to help her replace it. He

has offered our friend a new unit at his cost, which is $1500 less than the

retail cost. The total for the new unit will be $3500. The gas company will

take monthly payments, totaling about $90 a month. If we can help her

up front with the initial cost of the unit, the monthly payment will be more

manageable for her.

I am asking members of God’s family to pray about the possibility of giving

now any amount that can help with that initial cost so we can lower our

precious friend’s monthly payment. Lynda and I are going to give, and I

challenge others to give to this immediate need, as well, which James says

in his letter is “taking care of (those) who are in need.”

If you feel that God is leading you to give, please call me (864-933-6200)

with your pledge so we can tell the gentleman and the gas company that

we will bring down the cost of this unit for her. If you do participate please

write a check to: North Anderson Baptist Church but write on a post-it note

to clarify the purpose but not on the check and when I receive it will be

applied to the special need. If you send a check in, send it to: NABC, 2308

N. Main St., Anderson, SC 29621

Very sincerely,

Bill Rigsby, pastor

North Anderson Baptist Church