From Your Pastor

From Your Pastor, February

29th January 2019 by Administrator

It looks like we will go into February with a chill! It has been so cold lately it must be because of Global Warming??? During the months to come, I have been led to preach on the “Home.” You have already heard, if you have been in the worship services, that I want to emphasize.. continue reading »»

From Your Pastor

31st December 2018 by Administrator

December brought to us the Lottie Moon Offering and an emphasis on missions. Of course, we at NABC have emphasized missions all year long, not just during December but also when Annie Armstrong Offering comes around or when Janie Chapman Offering time comes. We have talked about the mission to Baltimore and supporting Lina Fonseca.. continue reading »»

From Your Pastor, October

27th September 2018 by Administrator

Cooperation is a special word to Southern Baptists. We have cooperated throughout the years with national, state organizations and local churches through our special offerings for missions, such as Lottie Moon, Annie Armstrong and Janie Chapman. Our churches also give to the Cooperative Program of the Southern Baptist Convention which sends thousands of missionaries throughout.. continue reading »»

From Your Pastor

24th August 2018 by Administrator

Between August and September, we have anniversaries of serving North Anderson Baptist Church: Kiley, 2 years, Dennis, 9 years and Diana, 17 years. We are a fortunate church family to have these special folks with us as servants of the Lord Jesus Christ. Not many churches can claim that kind of servant leadership. I want.. continue reading »»

From Your Pastor, August 2018

23rd July 2018 by Administrator

From Your Pastor… August is the new beginning…? What does that mean? It used to be when I was a child and many of you too, we did not start school until after Labor Day. Today that is not so. Public schools, as well as private and home schools all start in the month of.. continue reading »»

From Your Pastor, July 2018

22nd June 2018 by Administrator

From Your Pastor… To Our church family, Another year has passed since Lynda and I came here to be a part of this great church and to serve the Lord through serving each of you. 27 years seems to be a long time; really it is, I was 43 when I came and of course.. continue reading »»

From the Pastor

12th March 2015 by Administrator

March 12 devotion from Oswald Chambers is entitled “Total Surrender.” He uses Mark 10:28 as his scripture, “Then Peter spoke up, “We have left everything to follow you!” The surrender to Christ is not for our personal gain but as Mark 10:29 says in part, “for me and the gospel.” The author would have us.. continue reading »»

From Your Pastor

10th March 2015 by Administrator

In reading the devotionals found in Oswald Chambers, My Utmost for his Highest, I seek to make them very personal.  For today’s devotion Chambers writes about 2 Timothy 4:2, “Preach the Word” and entitles the devotion, “Being an Example of His Message.”  God calls us all to witness to His message but some He has.. continue reading »»

From Your Pastor, November 2014

1st November 2014 by Administrator

In days where we see very little in our world and nation to be thankful for it is just the time to go to God and give Him thanks for who He is, His sovereign hand in this world and His faithfulness to His children. We should also be thankful for all those things which He has provided for.. continue reading »»

From Your Pastor, October 2014

29th September 2014 by Administrator

As a pastor there are times you get very sentimental about what you do. What the apostle Paul wrote in 1 Thessalonians 2:11-12, 19-20 helps describe how I feel about you, the people who make up North Anderson Baptist Church. I realize I am not your father, many of you are older than I, but.. continue reading »»