What Does Jesus Believe About Race

January 4th’s message is about “Race.” From the beginning of the Church and since the founding of our nation, Christians have dealt with the issue of race, and many times not in a Biblical way. Jesus gives us His thoughts and what He believes about race in several passages: John 1:12-13, regarding who can become a child of God, ANYONE who believes. There are no qualifications regarding race. Luke 10:25-37, Jesus speaks of the race of Samaritans in relationship to Jews. EVERYONE is our neighbor Jesus says, no matter their race. And then in John 4:1-42 Jesus speaks to and sharing His life with the woman of another race and culture who if you were a Jew, you would despise her. In Acts 8:26-40 Philip, a deacon of the first church in Jerusalem, was sent by the Holy Spirit of Jesus to speak to an Ethiopian about the Gospel of Jesus Christ. After this African was saved he went back to his country and shared with his nation the Good News of Jesus Christ.
Jesus loves all mankind, John 3:16, and gave His life for everyone who would believe on Him by faith, no matter what their race.

Sermon Series: What Does Jesus Believe?

In January and February, using Scripture, we will investigate what Jesus believes about subjects that are relevant to our society today. Jesus speaks on these thoughts in one form or another, either directly Himself or through his biblical writers, for all Scripture is inspired of God (2 Timothy 3:16-17) and each writer was moved as God led him to write what he wrote. (2 Peter 1:20-21)


Annual Labor Day Picnic

Our Annual Labor Day Picnic will be Sunday, August 31st at Darwin Wright Park, Shelter #2.

We will start gathering and setting up food tables at 10am and our services will start at 11am and include a devotion by Rev. John Dill, Director of Missions for the Saluda Baptist Association, and baptisms in the lake.

Start planning your “Picnic Baskets” now. Meat, vegetables, desserts, you know, picnic food. Bring enough food for your family and visitors. We will spread it all out and have a Picnic Basket sharing and fellowshipping after the baptisms. (church is supplying paper products, tea and water). If you have lawn games bring them with you. Don’t forget lawn chairs!


Easter Sunrise Service

Please join us for our Easter Sunrise Service at 7am, April 20th.  Breakfast casseroles, grits, biscuits, fruit, donuts, coffee, and juice available in the Fellowship Hall following the service. Sunday School begins at 9:15am and the Morning Worship Service begins at 10:30am. There will be no evening services. (Directions)

Wednesday Night Services Canceled

Choir, Prayer Meeting, Youth, RA’s, GA’s and Mission Friends has been cancelled for tonight.  The parking lot is very icy and will refreeze as black ice before services.  If you know someone that does not have email please give them a call and let them know of this cancellation or tell them to refer to the following channels.
This closing is being posted on:
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The church office is closed and I am working from home.  I will check phone messages and return calls.

Thank you to everyone and please be safe and have a blessed day.