What Does Jesus Believe About…Sin/Judgment

Maybe we need to step back and first say that God is love and that He desires everyone to come to a saving relationship with Him through accepting His Son, Jesus Christ, as their personal Savior and Lord. But just like a coin, there are two sides. Love is one and judgment is the one side of this coin; judgment comes from justice. Jesus has made it clear that He did not come into the world to condemn the world but to save it. But, He also said that for those who do not believe in the name of the Son of God, that they are condemned already and that He, Jesus, came into this world to save all sinners. We are all sinners and need salvation. Without that salvation justice will be given out, and that will be judgment for the unbeliever that will separate them from the loving God, who has given them a choice, to believe or deny that they know and love His precious Son, who died and rose again from the dead, for the world of sinners so they may eternal life with God forever. Part of the judgment will be separation and destruction in a living hell forever and forever

What Does Jesus Believe About…Money?

This week in the continuing series we will explore what Jesus believes about money. Money is the most written about topic in the Bible. Larry Burkett once said, “Money is an outside indicator of an inward spiritual condition.” We will investigate if we will follow what Jesus says He believes about money and whether or not we believe it is best to gain the world or lose our souls over money.

What Does Jesus Believe About… Biblical Marriage as Opposed to Same-Sex Marriage

Sunday, February 1, 2015 the message from the sermon series, “What Does Jesus Believe About…” will be about “Biblical Marriage as opposed to Same-Sex Marriage.” Christ spoke about the origins of Biblical marriage in several passages in the Gospels and the Word of God speaks to the definition of “Biblical marriage” in many places. We will look at how “same-sex marriage” is not Biblical and surely is not the American traditional marriage that has stood as the standard for over 200 hundred years.

What Does Jesus Believe About… Homosexuality

Sunday, January 25, 2015 the message from the sermon series, “What Does Jesus Believe About…” will be on “Homosexuality.” Jesus did have something to say regarding immoral behavior and the church has long believed that the behavior and lifestyle of homosexuality is immoral. The message will speak to what Jesus said and also what the Word of God says, since the Word of God is inspired by God the Father, God the Son and God the Holy Spirit and nothing it says will disagree with what Jesus believed when He walked this earth.

What Does Jesus Believe About… Women

This Sunday’s message is “What Does Jesus Believe About Women”.

During the days of Jesus, women were, on the whole, treated by the Jewish culture as second-class citizens. Not so with Jesus, He treated all people with equal respect. Jesus raised the stature of women when He was alive and His church continued as well, instead of being treated as property, or less than man, Christianity help raised the worth of women to where God meant it to be for them. The Life Application Bible has said of Jesus, “Jesus lifted women up from the agony of degradation and servitude to the joy of fellowship and service.” The Bible has been misunderstood in regard to how Christians treat women and my hope is to remind people that Jesus loves us all and has placed great value on women.

What Does Jesus Believe About the Poor and Homeless

January 11th’s message is on the poor and homeless. Jesus truly loved everyone. He saw, touched and cared for the poor and the homeless of His society daily. The poor and homeless are included in those whom Jesus spoke of who were without a shepherd, who were harassed and helpless and in need of compassion, which He showed them regularly.

What Does Jesus Believe About Race

January 4th’s message is about “Race.” From the beginning of the Church and since the founding of our nation, Christians have dealt with the issue of race, and many times not in a Biblical way. Jesus gives us His thoughts and what He believes about race in several passages: John 1:12-13, regarding who can become a child of God, ANYONE who believes. There are no qualifications regarding race. Luke 10:25-37, Jesus speaks of the race of Samaritans in relationship to Jews. EVERYONE is our neighbor Jesus says, no matter their race. And then in John 4:1-42 Jesus speaks to and sharing His life with the woman of another race and culture who if you were a Jew, you would despise her. In Acts 8:26-40 Philip, a deacon of the first church in Jerusalem, was sent by the Holy Spirit of Jesus to speak to an Ethiopian about the Gospel of Jesus Christ. After this African was saved he went back to his country and shared with his nation the Good News of Jesus Christ.
Jesus loves all mankind, John 3:16, and gave His life for everyone who would believe on Him by faith, no matter what their race.

Sermon Series: What Does Jesus Believe?

In January and February, using Scripture, we will investigate what Jesus believes about subjects that are relevant to our society today. Jesus speaks on these thoughts in one form or another, either directly Himself or through his biblical writers, for all Scripture is inspired of God (2 Timothy 3:16-17) and each writer was moved as God led him to write what he wrote. (2 Peter 1:20-21)