Labor Day Picnic

Just a reminder. Church services will be held at our Labor Day Picnic at Darwin Wright Park on Sunday, September 6th at 10:00am, not at North Anderson Baptist Church. We will have music by Jenkins Holler, BBQ by Steve Morgan and Steve Gibson and baptisms in the lake. We’ll be providing BBQ, baked beans, slaw and paper products. You bring desserts and/or other sides. Also bring lawn chairs and lawn games if you have them.

Finding Life Worthwhile

Our message March 15th is “Finding Life Worthwhile.” When we read the event of Jesus meeting Zacchaeus (Luke 19:1-10) we will see a life changing encounter with the Savior. What kind of life do you want? The change that came into the life of this man that was hated by everyone is worth taking a look at.

A Heart of Forgiveness

Jesus uses a story about a man who owed a great debt to his master and was forgiven but when he was owed a debt how unforgiving he really was. Peter starts this discussion about how many times do we forgive those who sin against us. Jesus’ answer is very challenging.

Jesus Predicts His Death

Sunday, March 1st, in the first message of the “Anticipating the Greatest Three Days in History” series, we will take a look at the prediction of Jesus’ death and how the disciples respond. Also, we will look at the true cost of discipleship. Lastly, we will hear Jesus speak of the coming Kingdom of God.

What Does Jesus Believe About…Sin/Judgment

Maybe we need to step back and first say that God is love and that He desires everyone to come to a saving relationship with Him through accepting His Son, Jesus Christ, as their personal Savior and Lord. But just like a coin, there are two sides. Love is one and judgment is the one side of this coin; judgment comes from justice. Jesus has made it clear that He did not come into the world to condemn the world but to save it. But, He also said that for those who do not believe in the name of the Son of God, that they are condemned already and that He, Jesus, came into this world to save all sinners. We are all sinners and need salvation. Without that salvation justice will be given out, and that will be judgment for the unbeliever that will separate them from the loving God, who has given them a choice, to believe or deny that they know and love His precious Son, who died and rose again from the dead, for the world of sinners so they may eternal life with God forever. Part of the judgment will be separation and destruction in a living hell forever and forever

What Does Jesus Believe About…Money?

This week in the continuing series we will explore what Jesus believes about money. Money is the most written about topic in the Bible. Larry Burkett once said, “Money is an outside indicator of an inward spiritual condition.” We will investigate if we will follow what Jesus says He believes about money and whether or not we believe it is best to gain the world or lose our souls over money.