3rd September 2012 by Bill Davis

When I was young and our family would travel to visit Grandparents in the lower part of South Carolina, we always passed a cemetery called; “MIDWAY”.

Jesus Brought us Corn and Peanuts

9th June 2012 by Administrator

Thank you for your response to the “whooping woman” story posted yesterday. Today is a continuation story of the same distribution. The BGR partners who made the first distribution to the “whooping woman’s” village, made a second one to a community just as needy. The village they went to was about three times as large.. continue reading »»

Do You Want To Increase Your Witness? Devotion

1st November 2011 by Bill Davis

As with most things in life, you can’t go to a new level of ability or service with an old way of thinking and doing.

“Prayer Guide”

21st September 2011 by Bill Davis

To Experience a deeper relationship with God, follow this Prayer Guide.

The Cowboy: Devotion

26th August 2011 by Bill Davis

There is the story of a Cowboy traveling with his herd to the cattle auction.

To Soar As An Eagle: Devotion

23rd August 2011 by Bill Davis

Did you know that an eagle can’t fly? At least that is what I was told.

Services Cancelled

26th December 2010 by Administrator

All services have been cancelled for today. Please be careful and enjoy the snow.

Inclement Weather Policy

25th December 2010 by Administrator

In the event of inclement weather, the pastor, chairman of the deacons and chairman of the properties committee will decide by Saturday to either cancel Sunday’s service or postpone it to 4pm. Notification will be made through the church’s PhoneTree, website, email, Facebook, television (WYFF4) and radio (WRIX & WLFJ), similar to those made by local schools,.. continue reading »»

Saddle Ridge Ranch VBS

25th July 2010 by Administrator

Join us for the Saddle Ridge Ranch VBS August 1-4 from 6-8:30 pm.

Great Commission Resurgence

23rd February 2010 by Administrator

We encourage you to visit http://www.pray4gcr.com/ to learn about the Southern Baptist Convention’s Great Commission Resurgence.