Sermon: A Heart Of Forgiveness

10th March 2015 by Administrator

Jesus uses a story about a man who owed a great debt to his master and was forgiven but when he was owed a debt how unforgiving he really was. Peter starts this discussion about how many times do we forgive those who sin against us. Jesus’ answer is very challenging.

From Your Pastor

10th March 2015 by Administrator

In reading the devotionals found in Oswald Chambers, My Utmost for his Highest, I seek to make them very personal.  For today’s devotion Chambers writes about 2 Timothy 4:2, “Preach the Word” and entitles the devotion, “Being an Example of His Message.”  God calls us all to witness to His message but some He has.. continue reading »»

5 Really Bad Reasons To Leave Your Church

29th January 2014 by Administrator

BY AARON LOY JANUARY 27, 2014 There are good reasons to change churches, but there are a lot more bad reasons. Let’s be honest, while there are some good reasons for leaving a church, there are a lot more bad ones. As a pastor, I hear some of them every now and then as people walk out the.. continue reading »»

From Your Pastor

3rd October 2013 by Administrator

A friend of mine sent this to me, I felt it was really good enough and that it ministered to me a great deal that I wanted you to see it. Most of us have had some terrible times in our lives and others are experiencing difficult times right now, while others will one day.. continue reading »»


6th July 2013 by Bill Davis

I had the pleasure of watching God work in a very special way today.

Woodpeckers and Evolution

6th June 2013 by Administrator

While reading through some of my friends thoughts on Facebook I ran across this great video.  You need to watch this video to see how very unique the woodpecker is.  This is one of the great examples in nature of God’s creative genius!  I will not try to tell you what is discuss in the.. continue reading »»

Thoughts Regarding Memorial Day

30th May 2013 by Administrator

Memorial Day was a wonderful day for family to be together. Having time to relax and enjoy family and friends brings memories of days gone by. Many times we forget really what the day is for. Our country, America, is the most blessed of all nations. God has touched us with His grace and mercy far more than we.. continue reading »»

No Services This Evening

30th January 2013 by Administrator

Due to inclement weather, all evening services and choir practice have been cancelled. Everyone be careful.


11th December 2012 by Bill Davis

I just read one of the most appalling news’s stories. There absolutely must be some mistake.


7th September 2012 by Bill Davis

“We are a new church made up of imperfect people. We  are sojourners striving to figure out what it means to celebrate fully, connect  personally, create extravagantly and live on mission daily.”