Our Statement

This church is a congregation of baptized believers in Christ united by covenant for worship of Almighty God and associated in the faith and fellowship of the gospel to practice its precepts, to recognize and receive Jesus Christ as our supreme Law-Giver and Ruler and to take the Bible alone as the Standard by which all matters of belief and conduct are to be governed.
* To worship God by praise in prayer and song, by giving our tithes and offerings and by hearing and responding to God’s Word and Presence.
* To promote the spiritual growth of Christians through the teaching and learning of the Bible that is reflected in our relationship to God and our fellow man.
* To demonstrate our Christian faith through ministry to the spiritual and physical needs of mankind.
* To cooperate with other Southern Baptist Churches in evangelizing the lost and ministering to the world.
God’s revelation to North Anderson Baptist Church is to honor and glorify God through worship, prayer, teaching, community service and mission opportunities.
* We are to love and worship God with all that we are.
* We are to love other Christians as Christ has loved us.
* We are to love the church and serve God through her, as we grow in maturity in Christ.
* We are to love the lost and seek to share the Good News of Jesus Christ with everyone and help those who respond to become growing disciples of our Savior.