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The Lighthouse

Volume 14, Issue 10, October 2013

Text Box: From Your Pastor

Daring Faith! – Luke 5:17-26     Please read the passage before you read this article. 

Jesus proclaimed that these men had a daring faith.  Which men?  The unnamed four men who desired to take their friend to Jesus in hope that He would heal him.  They are the ones with that daring faith.  They couldn’t get in the door because the crowd was so great so they went on the roof and they started tearing away the tiles and dug through the roof to let their crippled friend down right in front of the Savior.  He looked up at them and when He saw their faith said, “Friend, your sins are forgiven.” They dared to tear up someone’s roof; they dared to cause debris to fall on people below all to get a friend to Jesus.  What will you do to bring a friend to Jesus?  How far will your faith go to get someone to the foot of the cross so the Savior can heal them spiritually and physically like Jesus did this crippled man?  Do you have faith that if you brought someone to Christ that they will be saved?  Will you go out of your way to bring someone to Jesus and no matter what the cost to you or someone else?  

The thought that Charles Spurgeon gave in a devotion about this same subject taken from a parallel passage in Mark 2, is that the “daring faith” these men expressed was extraordinary and controversial.  Some people got mad because of what they did and the way they did it and other were indignant that Jesus would not condemn their action but approved of it.  They never thought of the eternal benefit that would come to this man.  Do you ever think of the eternal consequences for people you know and love if they never receive Christ as their Lord and Savior?

Dare to have the faith that these men had.  Do whatever it takes to get people to Jesus.  Go out of your way and if it takes doing something radical to get people to Jesus so their lives can be changed forever, do it!
Text Box:      		October is breast cancer awareness month, so in
		honor of all those who are fighting, have survived 
		and for those who have lost their battle, please 			wear your “Pink” adults, children, young, old, 
		men and women on Sunday, October 13th. 
Thank you, 
NABC Health & Wellness Ministry Team


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