You’ll find us to be a Christ-centered, friendly church committed to reaching people and growing believers.



 We offer a unique membership opportunity for college students.  NABC will be your “home away from home.”  You are invited to

Join  our Watchcare Ministry.  As

a Watchcare member you will

participate in  NABC as a full

member, yet you maintain a

permanent membership in your  home church. 


Questions?   Need Help?



Tim & Nancy Danyels

    Tim – 864-934-2351          Nancy – 864-934-2382

Mike & Stephanie McCollum

   Mike– 864-376-8273     Stephanie– 864-376-8272

 Matt & Robin George

    Matt – 864-276-4087         Robin – 864-933-6256

Jerry & Judy Wilson   

    Jerry – 864-230-7722           Judy – 864-230-7766

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1. By Profession of Faith and Baptism: If you will receive Jesus Christ as your personal Savior and Lord and follow Him in baptism by immersion, we welcome you into our fellowship.

2. By Letter: As a Baptist whose membership is elsewhere we welcome you into our church family should God lead you here.  We will take care of writing for your church letter.

3. By Statement: If your church membership records are not available for a transfer of membership or if you have received Christ as your Savior and then were baptized by immersion in another denomination we will accept you upon your statement of Faith.

4. By Watchcare: As a student whose membership is       elsewhere we welcome you into our church family under “Watchcare.” Your letter will not be transferred, we will   notify your church  that we will watch over you while you are away from home.


There’s plenty of room in our family for you. 

Come and join us!


In Christ,

Bill Rigsby, Pastor

You are invited and encouraged to become a part of our exciting fellowship here at North Anderson Baptist Church.

     There are programs and  ministries for every member of your family.  Do you know “How To Get To Heaven” from Anderson, SC? Join us at one of the below service times and we will introduce you to Jesus, the only way to heaven.


Double Bracket: An Open Letter

So, you are in your late teens or early 20’s.  Now what?  You are making some of life’s major decisions that will have long term impacts:

What career path will you take?
What friendships will you make?
Who will you marry?
Will I marry?
What about money?

The potential to make choices similar to your peers and follow the trends of our culture are enormous.  But, are these the best choices for you?  Many of your peers will make choices that lead to deepening debt, relationship issues, possible addiction issues and a generally unfulfilled life.

Your life can be different.  Come fellowship and study God’s Word with us as we seek to learn how to use Biblical principles to lay a solid foundation for the future.  God’s plan is to prosper you, not harm you, to give you a hope and a future. (Jer 29:11)  But, the catch is, you have to do it His way.
See you Sundays at 5

Tim Danyels, Lead Teacher

the old rugged cross by johnny_automatic - Parochialia, or Instructions to thee Clergy by The Right Rev. Thomas Wilson , D.D. 1860

 Bible Study – Food – Fellowship

5 pm        Sundays



One Sunday each month we plan to meet in a member’s home instead of at the church; an opportunity to relax and enjoy a home environment.





Sunday at 9:15 am






Matt & Robin George and Jerry & Judy Wilson will lead studies.  Class meets upstairs behind the sanctuary.  Greeters will be glad to assist you.








Details to be announced



Sunday School ….. 9:15 am


College & Career Sunday School...9:15 am

with Matt & Robin George, Jerry & Judy Wilson


Deaf Ministry Sunday School...9:15 am

Pastor’s Prayer Meeting……..10:20 am

Morning Worship ..… 10:30 am



NABC Next Generation

College & Career Bible Study  - 5 pm

Bible Drill & Bible Buddies…5 pm

Small Groups.…………6 pm

Deaf Ministry ……. 6 pm



For our offsite class in November we are going to the Danyel’s farm for a “BONFIRE.”  Mark your calendar for November 3rd, we will meet at the church at 4 pm and then leave as a group from there.  More info???   See any college leader or email Stephanie McCollum at Remember, we have Sunday School at 9:15, also!!!  Head upstairs and look for Matt, Robin, Jerry or Judy! See you Sunday!



Deaf Ministry Bible Study...6:45 pm

Youth Bible Study ….. 6:45 pm

Adult Prayer Meeting/Bible Study … 6:45 pm

Preschool Mission Friends ….. 6:45 pm

RA’s & GA’s ….. 6:45 pm

Choir Practice ……7:45 pm



Men’s Bible Study ….. 7:30 am

(Mama Penn’s)


Call us at:(864) 225-2575,

Fax (864) 225-2181


Visit our web site at: