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If you would like to participate:

1. Please see the wish list below and choose and item.

2. Call or email Jennifer Hamilton, coordinator of the project, to check with her about the status of needed items. Email: jbhamiltonlicsw@gmail.com or phone: 978-995-6651.

3. Get the green light to purchase!

4. Purchase item on Amazon.com or find and ship the item yourself.

5. Optional: Purchase a flag at the same time and send also.

6. Take a picture of yourself, church group, kids group, etc. and add a short note of support.

7. Send the note and picture to the address below and reference what you bought for the soldier center.

8. Email Jennifer Hamilton immediately to let her know the item has been shipped. She will be keeping a log of all donors to give to the chaplain when he returns home.

9. Pray for the Soldiers to be blessed!

The mailing address to the outpost is:
               Cpt. Michael Coleman
               Att: Chaplain (HHB, 101st DIV)
               TF-Gladiator CJTF-101
               APO AE 09354

Some items that would be helpful at the Soldier Center include:

O 1 Archery Range Kit (Bow, target arrows, target)

O 1 Golf driving range kit (Driving mat, balls, netting)

O 4 Hammock Chairs (with ceiling hooks if possible)

O 1 Porch Swing (with ceiling hooks)

O 1 Coffee grinder/brewer

O 1 Card Table w/chairs

O 1 Television (flat screen)

O 1 Refrigerator (any size)

O 1 Outdoor Charcoal Grill (any size)

O 1 Popcorn Popper (like you see at a fair)

O 1 Slushee Machine (remember seven eleven)

O 2 Guitars w/stands

O 2 floor lamps (halogen type is great)

O 2 table lamps

O Extension cords and power strips

O Miscellaneous Décor

Some items for the Soldier Center have already been provided and mailed (and removed from the list). The address for Captain Coleman is an APO (Air/Army Post Office, a special designation of the USPS), so sending an item is just like mailing it within the USA.

Please pray for Captain Coleman's family who live at Fort Campbell, Kentucky.


If you have any questions, contact Laurie Register by phone (803-227-6040 or in SC 800-723-7242 ext 8250) or email.

Operation Soldier Center - Afghanistan continued