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Text Box: One of the hardest parts of this job for me is writing a monthly newsletter.  I never know what to write.  Should I talk about events that are coming up or should I share more of a devotional or maybe what God is doing around me.  Here I stand in the same cross roads.  

I have a book that I have talked about before, All a Man Can Be.  I was glancing at it again and I realized that I like the original title, The Misunderstood Man.  The book was not written as an excuse for men but to help open doors for men to become fully redeemed in all aspects of who they are spiritually, physically, and emotionally.  The book is written in three sections with subsections.  The first section talks about what a man feels, the second section talks about how a man reacts to these feelings and the last section is how man can be free to become all God intends.  Each subsection relates to the next section’s subsection.  I had never read this book in this way.

In the prolog the author, Walter Trobisch, writes an insecure man often reacts as an almighty patriarch whereas God intends to solve his insecurity by guiding him with his sure hand.  The inadequate man will act as the unapproachable chief whereas God wants him to understand that God’s forgiveness helps heal the past.  His nearness carries us now.  His hands hold the future.  This security gives man a playful serenity and peace.  A man that feels inferior reacts like a silent Buddha, retreating into a shell.  But this man has been set free of those feelings through Jesus Christ and he has the freedom to express his feelings.  The fearful man, usually fearful of his feelings will seclude himself and go cold as a defensive mechanism.  God wants the fearful man to know He is a loving and tender God.  And man should not fear or be ashamed of mourning, grieving, sharing his feelings, and giving affirmation to others.  

Growing in Christ is a continuous process. It can be overwhelming but always better for each of us.  

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Dennis Walker
Minister to Children & Adults
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