From Your Pastor, February

It looks like we will go into February with a chill! It has been so cold lately it must be because of Global Warming???

During the months to come, I have been led to preach on the “Home.” You have already heard, if you have been in the worship services, that I want to emphasize our families becoming closer to the Lord Jesus Christ by discipling our children in the Lord. That is more than bringing them to church and going on special retreats; it is where we, the parents, are the primary disciplers of our own children in our own home. God gave them to us and we are responsible to God for teaching them about who He is and what He desires in their lives that will help them to walk humbly with God. Make no mistake, we the church, will assist you the parents in doing our part here by being faithful to teach the truth from the Word of God to all of the children who attend.

The Word is faithful to guide us in not only growing as a family in Christ but to help each of us to be better disciples of Christ ourselves. Some of us need someone to disciple us and help us to grow in Christ, others of us need to disciple those who are seeking to grow in their relationship with Jesus. We will call these “Life Groups.” A group may have just a few people or they may have many depending upon the group and the leadership. Are these new “Life Groups” like our Small Groups now? No, we hope they will be more intimate and intentional in doing life together and would last longer than 6 to 12 weeks. We hope these Life Groups will begin to help one another grow into mature disciples in Christ Jesus. Please read Ephesians 4:12-16.