From Your Pastor, October

Cooperation is a special word to Southern Baptists. We have cooperated throughout the years with national, state organizations and local churches through our special offerings for missions, such as Lottie Moon, Annie Armstrong and Janie Chapman. Our churches also give to the Cooperative Program of the Southern Baptist Convention which sends thousands of missionaries throughout the world to share the Gospel, and another thing the CP does is to help educate ministers of all kinds, and missionaries too, through our seminaries.

We as believers cooperate in so many areas of ministry in our associations, state and our national organization. North Anderson would not be effective in our ministry if we were not cooperating together as believers to reach the world with the Gospel of Jesus Christ. Cooperation is a great word and through this act of individuals and organizations and churches, God can do miraculous things for His kingdom.

I want to call your attention to one of those events whereby we as an association cooper-ate with one another. Our Annual Associational Meeting, held at Concord Baptist Church, will meet on Sunday evening, October 21, 2018.A meal will be served at 4:45 pm ($5) with precession music will be at 5:45 pm. Our meeting begins at 6 pm with worship and mission reports for the association as well as a special guest speaker. The churches of our association generally take their Sunday night service and move them to the church where the meeting is being held. NABC will cooperate with the association and move our Sunday night service on October 21st to Concord Baptist.Please make every effort to be there. Child care will be available and children and youth pro-grams are scheduled too. This is an critical time to work together for the cause of Christ.

Pastor Bill