From Your Pastor

Most believers have heard of or read 2Chronicles 7:14
“…if my people, who are called by my name, will humble themselves and pray and seek my face and
turn from their wicked ways, then I will hear from
heaven, and I will forgive their sin and will heal their
land.” Solomon was confronted here by God during the
time of the dedication of the Temple he built for the worship of the Lord God Almighty. I have used this verse to
call our church to revival and so have many other pastors. It is a great and challenging passage of scripture
for a church body and an individual Christian.
Our Christian churches in America are dealing with immoral issues that are breaking the church alliances up
that have stood for decades. Our churches are being persecuted by an unbelieving world for their stand of faith
in the Lord Jesus Christ. In other parts of the world
some churches have been burned and others have been
destroyed by other violent methods. Our local churches
seemed to have little power in their community and deceasing respect among the communities in which they
worship. What should be done?
Our church will participate in a nation-wide effort called
“Call 2 Fall” calling us to fall on our knees and pray for
the local congregations to be refreshed and come to repentance for sin and rebellion against God. We also are
calling on churches to pray for our nation, the needs we
have as believers, and the courage to stand for the Word
of God in an immoral society seeking to change everything that the church stands for. We are seeking God for
a nation that has turned its back on the God who helped
established it as a true nation under God. Won’t you be a part of this prayer effort? On Sunday, June 29
during our morning worship we
will pray on our knees calling for God to forgive us our sins and grant us a renewed
Spiritual Awakening.
And then starting on July 1 through July 7 we will bind together praying individually and then on Sunday July 6
we will pray together as a church for these three
things: 1) God the Father to restrain, protect and deliver His people from the evil
that has come into our world. 2) For God the Son to be exalted, magnified and gloried in His church, in our nation and in our lives. 3) For God the Holy Spirit to fall
on us in a fresh way, compelling the church to repent of sin and our nation to return
to faith in the living God, resulting in a great national spiritual awakening. On Monday, July 7 we are asking you to pray and fast for 7 hours thus calling this event
“7-7-7.” Would you participate with us here at NABC?
Your Pastor