From Your Pastor, June 2014

One of the things I enjoy during the summer is being with family. Let me put it this way, I love seeing my family that are far away and those I see frequently and summertime really affords us that opportunity. We have a special week together and it is a great blessing to me and Lynda. Also during the summer we get to see the friends we have made over the years through the Gideon ministry. God has provided such great friendships and Lynda and I are truly blessed becauseof them.
I do hope each of you will realize that true friends bring joy to your heart. At times there are those who claim to be friends and nothing but sadness and misery come from them. They are not friends. God grants us friends and at times these special friends are those who truly guide us by telling us the truth even though it might be tough on us for awhile. But that true friend will stand by you no matter what. If your friends only told you the good things about you and left out those things that we need to hear then we might fall into a trap that would be eternally damaging to our body, soul and spirit.
If I were going off the deep end and I needed help and direction, a real friend would help set me straight. With love and tenderness he/she would kindly guide me back to the right path. Be that special person for someone else and accept the help of another friend for your life when things go wrong.
God is our greatest friend. His Word is where we go for the true guidance for our lives. You will be encouraged and at times or you might be challenged to get your life right before the Lord. If you and I fail to heed the correction of the Lord from His Word, we may well put our own life in danger and we might miss the blessings of the Lord which He meant to lift us up on high. Read the Word of God and see His greatness shine!