One More Time

I told myself that I would not enter the Chick-Fil-A arena today…..but…..someone very important to me sent the following and as those of you that know me; I must comment.

Here goes the message I received:
“If you invited more people to eat chicken on Wednesday than you invited to church on Sunday, you have misplaced priorities. It’s way cooler when one person meets Jesus than when 99 “righteous” people eat chicken. (Luke 15) If you made more time to eat chicken on Wednesday than to attend church on Sundays, you have misplaced priorities. If you gave more money to Chick-fil-a on Wednesday than you give at church on Sunday, you have misplaced priorities. If you spent more time standing in line this week than serving others every week, you have misplaced priorities.
If you are more passionate about free speech and gay marriage than you are about people meeting Jesus, you have misplaced priorities.”
On the surface, a great message but I think probably with some Biblical lacking.
I spent a considerable amount of time the last few days at Chick-Fil-A and with people of Chick-Fil-A. What impressed me the most, was the number of people that I would call “fence sitters” in the realm of Christianity that decided to make a public stand. Now these are the “righteous” ones that perhaps now have gotten closer to the true grace of God. I love the passage where Jesus says in Revelation 3:16:
“Because you are lukewarm–neither hot nor cold–I will vomit you out  of my mouth.”
Now let us look at Luke 15. Jesus Christ used parables in His teachings. These are stories to make a point. There is no good shepherd, I mean NO good shepherd, that would actually leave 99 sheep to the dangers of nature; just to go find one that was lost. This parable was to show the love of God as contrasted at that time to the thoughts of the Pharisees. God rejoiced at the repentance of a single sinner as compared to the attitude of the Pharisees who felt no need to repent. Once again, the “fence sitters” that I pray made a move to true repentance. REMEMBER, we have talked about it; repentance is a change in your thoughts and lifestyle.
A lot of the stated quote, I certainly agree with. Too often we are quick to jump on the bandwagon, so to speak, without any personal decision or re-dedication. If we do not fight for free speech, then as the Ostrich, our heads will be in the sand; waiting for those to cut our legs right from under us. Then I am afraid we will find it MUCH harder to help people meet Jesus. We are entering a time where free speech is for everyone, as long as they don’t mention God, the Bible or the name of Jesus.
I am sure there are those who stood in line to eat chicken, spent more effort on eating chicken, maybe even more money on eating chicken that going to church on Sunday. But! Lets be honest, whose fault is that? Ours as Christians, or their’s as “fence sitters”? I think we have the opportunity to get off our collective rear ends and reach out to those people NOW. Maybe, just maybe Mr. Cathy and Chick-Fil-A have given us this opportunity.
NOW! Are you going to eat chicken with others; or eat crow at the kingdom of Heaven?
Bill Davis